Zozi Launches And Gives Away $500,000 in FREE Activities

Zozi is a new deal of the day website that focuses on fun-filled activities such as river rafting, yoga classes and sailing but they’ve also got some great family-friendly activities at a fraction of regular cost. So if you love that kind of activity but always feel it’s too expensive to take yourself and the kids (or just you!!!), then this is the place for you. They launched this week across 16 different cities and my sweet home Chicago is one place they’ve launched. Right now to celebrate the launch they’re giving away more than $500,000 in free activities!!

Tomorrow I’m going to be giving away $50 in Zozi credits to 2 lucky winners but before then you wanna hurry and sign up HERE for their spam-free email that will give you the daily scoop. The reason? Did I mention they are GIVING AWAY $500, 000 worth of activities this week to celebrate their launch? That’s a lot of FREEBIES!

Another reason to do so? They believe in a strong sense of community and do-goodery, so they give 10% of our profits back to the local communities in which we operate. Mummy loves corporations that give back!

When you want fun activities at a fraction of the price (up to 70 percent off in some instances,) Zozi is a group discount website where a certain number of people must sign up for a deal in order for the discount to be released. Activities on the site range from painting classes and horseback riding to whale watching and kayaking – perfect for families. You simply grab the deal that day then print out the Zozi credit and take it to the business. Sign up HERE quick and then check back tomorrow for more ways to win!!!

The current 16 cities they cover, more coming soon!

* Atlanta
* Austin
* Boston
* Chicago
* Dallas
* Denver
* Los Angeles
* New York
* Orange County
* Portland
* Salt Lake City
* San Diego
* San Francisco
* San Jose
* Seattle
* Washington D.C.

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