Zenni Optical: A Mummy Deals Favorite

This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the greatest sites I have ever discovered during my time blogging has to be Zenni Optical. As my Husband and I are both eyeglasses wearers, we needed something cheaper than the usual $200 or so. Could we find something cheaper than the 2 for $99 deal? Surely not? Then we discovered Zenni Optical and their cheap eyeglasses.

A couple of years ago I successfully ordered a pair of “back up” glasses from them.  A prescription pair of glasses shipped to me for $13.  They rocked and when I recently had to stop wearing my lenses they became more than just a back up pair.

That’s what I love about Zenni: You can use them as your everyday glasses and save a boat load of money.  Money that could be better spent on living, luxuries or saving.  Or you can buy back up glasses and not feel guilty.  Every time you shell out for contact lenses you won’t feel bad because your glasses were so cheap!

In this economy having a place where you can rely on for cheap eyeglasses is a huge deal.  It’s a necessity and yet you don’t have to pay through the nose meaning you can put your money elsewhere.  With the money Tim and I saved on expensive glasses I was able to get the contact lenses I wanted and still have enough money for a meal out.  That’s pretty cool!  

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