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This is a new thing I would like to start to get us all chatting!!! I’ll post a question and if you have any good ideas please email me at mummydeals at gmail dot com (take out the spaces, I’m just trying to avoid spam!!) Then I’ll post all the ideas in a blog a little later in the week.

Ever had a “Mummy Brain Moment?” I know you have!! You know, one of those moments where you feel like when your son/daughter was born that they took your brain out right with them!! Right now I only have 1 child; I don’t know what I’ d do with more as I’m already doing silly things. It’s forgetting the car keys in the freezer or going to the Smokey’s and leaving all your clothes at home (yup, it’s true!!!). I have bad Mummy Brain but boy oh boy is it worth it (especially when he’s as cute as the picture above!!!!!)

Question: What was your last “Mummy Brain Moment”? Have a think about your funniest story and lemme know!


  1. I have those on a daily basis. I think today at least three times I walked into a room only to forget what I was going to do.

  2. I have two young boys and they had kept me up one night late so when I had gotten up the next morning I was completely exhausted. I got dressed for the day and about 20 minutes later as I was walking downstairs when I realized I had on 3 shirts and no pants! Don’t even ask me how I pulled that one off. Two of the shirts were ‘scrubs’ and you would have thought I would have noticed all the bulkiness.

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