Your Turn: Where to Buy Expensive Ingredients??

I just got this email from a dear friend Amy and was hoping you could help by leaving a comment:

There are certain foods that I can’t get around spending a really high price for. I was wondering if there are places out there that some of your other readers are getting these things for at a discounted price. They are honey and maple syrup (the real stuff–we have to buy the expensive stuff because of a food allergy).

Amy resides in TN but if you have any ideas for her that are TN based or national please let us know. Thanks!


  1. Frugal Friend says:

    I buy honey from a local u-pick farm for $5 for 18 oz or $25 for a gallon from a beekeeper. You should have beekeepers in you town. And they usually sell their wares at farmer's markets.

    Maple syrup, that's a hard one. I've started making fruit "syrup" similar to how you would make pie filling because I didn't want all that corn syrup in the imitation version. But I'd love to know a cheap way to get real maple syrup cheap too!

  2. TheSluiterFamily says:

    I know around hear you can get natural honey at farmer's markets, It is usually more reasonable than at the store. I'm not sure about syrup though.

  3. Dawn Blankman says:

    I read in a Consumer Report magazine that is really good for some gourmet-type and hard to find ingredients. You might have to keep an eye out/search for the deals on the site and possibly buy in bulk. I hope this helps!!

  4. I buy a 5lb. container of SueBee honey at Sam's Club. I can't remember the exact price, sorry, but I do believe it is less than $10. I prefer real maple syrup, but not the cost : ). And I won't buy the fakey stuff either. I make my own fakey stuff, which my children prefer over the real deal. I am not sure what your food allergy issue is, but the homemade recipe uses white sugar, brown sugar, water, vanilla extract, and imitation maple extract. It is a little thinner than the store bought, but a great inexpensive alternative. We also eat A LOT of homemade blueberry syrup as well. Water, sugar, blueberries, corn starch and lemon juice.

  5. I get my honey at Aldi – it is $2.99 for 24 ounces there.

    I get ALL of my spices from Penzey's – They are so much cheaper than the grocery store, and fresher too. They even have things like soup bases and salad dressing bases. I love them!

  6. Anonymous says:

    SAMS CLUB only catch is you have to buy a membership.

    Uncle Luke's 100% Pure Maple Syrup – 32oz #747876

    Sue Bee Pure Clover Honey – 5 lbs. #848160

  7. one6ylady says:

    I get my maple syrup up in Maine (a major source of organic maple syrup nationwide). While I'm up there I'll keep my eyes open for anyone willing to ship and will report back if I find anyone.

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