Your Turn: What’s a Good Price for….

I got this email from Jessica and need to start compiling a “Good Prices” list. Of course this may vary by region but if you could help out and leave a comment that’d be fab! Thanks.

At a recent Mummy Deals class you said that you don’t pay more than 50 cents for Mac and Cheese or no more than $2 for meat/chicken. For someone getting started it would be SUPER helpful to know what prices are good and what aren’t. Have you ever written out a spread sheet of what you consider to be good prices for certain items? This morning someone thought that $1 was a good price for Mac and Cheese. When you know that 50 cents is what you should be looking for. It would be nice to be able to go shopping with some kind of starting point of your price knowledge and to know when to stock up on something and when to pass it by.

Leave a note and let us know a couple of your good prices.


  1. Spaghetti sauce (28 oz) $1
    Hamburger Helper $1
    Spaghetti/Macaroni (16 oz) $.75
    Box of cereal – this can vary so widely by brand and size but I use $2/box as a general guideline.
    Milk (1 Gal) $2
    Bread (20 or 24 oz. loaf) $1
    Shredded or block cheese (8 oz.) $1.50
    Baby carrots (16 oz.) $1
    Celery (16 oz.) $1
    Frozen veggies (16 oz.) $1
    Grapes $2/lb. or less depending on season.
    Bananas $.49/lb.
    Frozen pizza (think Tombstone) $2.50
    Eggs (large) $1/Doz

    I live near South Bend, IN

  2. I think a good price to pay for…
    fresh chicken- $1.67/lb
    fresh, 93% lean ground beef- $1.88/lb.
    apples- $0.88 to $0.99/lb.
    cereal- $1.00 to $1.50 per box (cheerios)
    frosting- I just got my best deal yet at $0.35/jar of Betty Crocker frosting!!! I love double and triple coupons!

  3. It really depends on your couponing level. If you are just starting out, the way tht I see it, any money that you are saving is fantastic. For example, if you would have normally not thought twice about paying $1.99 for an item, but now you will only buy it either on sale or with a coupon for $.99. You are saving money and that is what it is all about. I have been doing this for a while, and would probably only pay $.25 or less for the same item.

    Ok, but if you really want an example, I would never pay more than a quarter for any hair or body item including, soap, razors, lotion, etc. I would also never pay more than $.35 for a box of cereal. Or more than $.25 for any type of boxed pasta/rice/potato. Those are the prices that you will only get by 'rolling' deals.

    Again, what matters most is that you are saving money.

  4. Clair, I live in Delaware. Right now we have been able to get some amazing prices on meat. Shoprite and Pathmark have been offering Family pks. of Beef for .99lb (2 Roasts,7 steaks)! Pork Loins for .99lb (my husband cuts them into roasts & porkchops). Also I've gotten boneless chicken breasts for .98lb!! (with a cpn. and limit). I've also been getting Tyson & Perdue chicken at 50% off. We have 3 teens still at home! We don't have many leftovers anymore. I also won't pay more than .50 a box for mac&chesse. Our teens will eat a box for a snack! Right now our Shoprite has a 5pk for $2.99, but there are B1G1 Free peelies on some of the boxes!! Yeah!!! We also wait for bread to go on sale for .99 a loaf and milk to go on sale at $1.99-$2.49 a gallon (usually at Walmart/Riteaid). Here's the clincher though, Delaware has no sales tax!!!!!! We have people from PA., NJ., MD., and NY. come to shop/stock up when they make a trip. I love your site! I've been "smart shopping" since July and have learned and saved alot of money. Shirley

  5. I'm not great with specific prices, but find that I tend to keep in mine my last good price on something as I build my stockpile. Then if I find a deal better than previously, I do a bit more stockpiling.

    My example would be Mac and Cheese for $0.50 is a reoccuring sale every once in awhile at Meijer. So I did a bit of a stock pile the first time I saw this price. Subsequently there have been two rounds where there is the sale AND a catalina deal making them 6/$1, so I definitely stocked up and we've been working on that pile for a while now 😀 In my mind there would be no reason to buy more right now at $0.50 but I would if I could get as low as 6/$1 again. If you are running low on something I think the price you'll pay creeps backup again as well 😀

    A couple I got by are:
    cereal $1
    crackers (wheat things/Ritz) $1
    cheese (we get $2 sales for 8oz, so if I can do better with a coupon and/or catalina, I tend to jump at it)

  6. $2/lb. for meat or chicken used to be my limit, but now I challenge myself to spend no more than $1/lb. I allow room for exceptions, though. Not only do I keep an eye out for sales, but I eat things which are less popular with most folks but which I like. An example of this is pork neckbones, usually around .69 cents/lb.
    I ought to figure out how much mac & cheese cost when it's homemade. I always have on hand noodles of one shape or another, cheese, milk and butter, so I don't buy the boxed kind. It's probably cheaper in boxes, but we prefer homemade, especially when I find a deal on whole wheat noodles, which we find more flavorful.

  7. I typically don't pay more than $.50-.75/box for cereal.
    No more than $2/lb for cheese.
    $1/dozen eggs.
    $1.75/lb of butter.
    $1 for regular peanut butter, and $2.59 for natural.
    Never pay for mustard or hot sauce!
    $4/jumbo pack of diapers.

    I also have general price points for many other items, but this comes from constantly taking note of prices at the stores I shop and varies by season/economic times. I live in East TN, so that will make a difference as some places are cheaper and others more expensive. HTH!

  8. Walgreen has Kraft mac-n-cheese this week (11/16) for $.59. That is a good deal on Kraft but I usually buy off brand for $.33 at Aldi or Walmart. Stracks has boneless chicken breast for $.99 and Ground beef sales are usually around $.99. Cereal no more than 1.25.

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