Your Turn: Selling Used Kid’s Clothes/Toys

Thanks to all of you for chiming in on Marissa’s question as to where to get baby bargains here. Christine just emailed me a new question that I thought I’d throw out. I actually have a friend, Jen, who wrote a piece here on how to buy Gymboree clothes for Wal-mart prices. She’s promised me a How to Sell on eBay post so hopefully that’ll be coming up soon! Anyway here’s the question:

“I wanted to ask your tips / ideas for selling gently used kids clothing and toys (or even new with tags, in some cases – they grow so fast!). Do you think we’d get the best price on eBay, a garage sale, or somewhere else? We have a bunch of stuff we were thinking of taking to Once Upon a Child, any experience with them? We’re pretty eBay saavy but it’s more time consuming to list and ship the items – and there’s a risk of a small loss on listing fees if your item doesn’t sell. I know you mainly post about ways to save money, but I thought maybe you or your readers may have some insights on how to make some money too.”


  1. Hey there- I am one of the Blog Frog community leaders, and I am so excited to find your fabulous blog! As a mommy of 7, I ALWAYS look forward to a great deal- I'll be back for sure!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps we could do some sort of sales here. Only using Paypal to be safe.

  3. OK, ok, ok! 🙂 I actually have an empty calender this coming week so I'll write something up for you!

    Until then. . .STAY FAR AWAY from Once Upon a Child. They should be your last stop before Good Will. You will get more in a tax write off than OUAC will give you in cash.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have sold to Once Upon A Child and truthfully I though it was alot of work with little payoff. With clothes, they are very picky (which I guess is good) but you really don't make much off it. As for toys or larger object, They will pay you a maximum of half of what they will sell it for and that is usually half of the retail value. For example, my girlfriend sold them her jumper ($80 retail) they paid her $20 and sold it for $40.

  5. Have you tried looking at Just Between Friends consignment sales? With 4 children, my clothes are pretty worn by the time the last one outgrows it, but I have heard good things about them. There is some work to it, but you get 65% or 70% (I can't remember) of what you priced your clothes.

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