Your Turn – New Use for Old Shirts

Kim sent me this email:
My son has a handful of winter shirts that are those mock layered shirts, basically it looks like a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt, but it is really just one shirt. Well, to get extended use out of them for the Summer months, I have removed the long sleeve part of the shirt by just cutting them out and now they are just a short sleeve shirt. Thanks, Kim!!

Now, what about you? What creative ideas have you come up with to stretch clothing life? Leave a comment and let us all know!


  1. I went to the thrift store and picked up men’s shirts with interesting fabrics and turned them into dresses. Mediums fit a 3T – 4T, Large fits up to a 7 (I made mine 6s). You can do this with the link . Also you can make a dress or really cute summer top with a pillow case. I found some with embroidery on the edge, lace and polka dots. Usually the uglier the pillowcase the cuter the top/dress. The link for these instructions is . In fact there is a blog called Sew Mama Sew that had girls and boys patterns, most of which are repurposed clothes, I have noted a big movement in the repurposing of items. There’s also a IKEA hack blog that I love! I am tempted to drive out to the Boilingbrook IKEA everytime I read a hack even if I don’t need it.

  2. When cleaning out your drawers, you can use an old t shirt to make a dog toy/chew toy. Just tie it in a knot and you have a chew toy for the family dog. I used a smaller kids t shirt that was too small and not in good enough shape for a hand me down. The dog loves it and it does not leave strings, etc on the floor! FROM MIchelle VIA EMAIL

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