Your Turn: How Can We Help Stock Food Pantries?

I got this email from Jessica before Christmas and thought I’d throw it open to everyone for ideas.  This is an issue that I constantly think of and collect items for other places but haven’t yet done enough excess to donate.  Maybe we should build a resource of names of pantries.  What do you guys think:

“I just want to say that I really appreciate your blog and read it frequently. As a single female on a small income I have benefited from your posts. Being able to rely on your knowledge has saved me time and money. I also noticed on your blog that you do a lot of charity things. I am emailing you, because you seem to be very good at gathering things to donate and I could use your advice regarding donate food items to food pantries. There seems to be a very strong need for food on the southside of chicago this year. I was watching the abc7news Christmas Eve and saw a story about a church that had people with children waiting outside in line for several hours to get food and they didn’t have enough food to give everyone. When I called on Christmas to get their address they said they weren’t giving out any food until sunday, because they were in the process of looking for more food. Another food pantry I was supposed to volunteer at this morning was cancelled. I would like to help with the food shortage. I am just a single female living in a small studio in the city without a car and limited resources. Over the limited time that I have been couponing I have only accumulated 1 bag of food to donate, but there have been a few specials at Jewel where people order cases of items to donate. I didn’t get that involved in buying cases of anything, but now I am wondering what advice you might have to help with the immediate food shortage and what advice you might be able to offer for me for throughout the year in order to help keep more food pantries from running out?”


  1. Clair, i hope my last comment went through – i got an error 🙁

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