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I got an email last week from Cindy,

“I am looking for a “recipe” for homemade foaming hand soap. I hate spending $5.00 for a refill bottle of foaming soap which is nothing more than watered down hand soap. I’ve tried taking hot tap water and adding regular hand soap and shaking it without making tons of bubbles. I’ve even tried adding a bit of rubbing alcohol to it which works a little better. Anyway, I can’t find the perfect balance and if it isn’t mixed just right, it won’t work in the foaming bathroom sink dispenser. Thanks for any recipes you may have!”

Does anybody have any good recipes for this or other household cleaners? If you do please email them to me at mummydeals at yahoo dot com and I’ll post some ideas soon.


  1. I know this initally isn’t the cheapest answer… but I bought two of the foaming soap dispensers from Pampered chef. the design is simple but works. Add a minimal amount of liquid handsoap and water. Viola!

  2. We reuse old foaming soap dispensers and follow an 8:1 ratio, 8 parts water to 1 part soap. We haven’t had any problems. I buy the Method refil bags from Target.

  3. I have an old foaming hand soap dispenser from Bath & Body Works. I fill the bottom portion (eyeball it- about 1/2-3/4 inches up) with Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap I get free with coupons and ECB at CVS and then add a little cold water and swish, don't shake. Once it's mixed, add the rest of the water. It may take a few minutes for the bubbles to settle, but the soap works great for us. I use this mixture in the kitchen and in each of the bathrooms. I haven't paid for hand soap in years!

  4. According to the folks at Method, they say their ratio for their foaming bottles is 2 parts soap to 1 part water.
    I have to admit, I just kind of eyeball it until the soap is the color I think it should be, ha ha! It’s always worked fine.

  5. I’ve used cold water and do not shake. Add water first then the soap. I just tip the dispenser slowly back and forth, until the soap blends in (I reuse an old dispenser). Less soap is more.

  6. I make my own soap, so if I want a liquid I just grate it and melt it down with some water and veggie glycern and a tad bit of alcohol. Put it in a pump container and there you go! I love making soap… I can make a cheap bar for 30 cents or something more special for about 75 cents

  7. I make my own laundry soap, not hand soap. I have all the instructions and photos on my blog.

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