Your Turn: Heated Blankets

Please help Rebecca out:

I would love to save big bucks on heating by giving my kids (cozy) heated mattress pads and heavy blankets and turning the thermostat way down, but my husband says it’ll cost more to heat up the house in the morning. Does anybody know the truth on this?

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  1. I don't know which is better, but all I do know is that there is nothing like sliding into a toasty warm bed at bedtime!!

    We do the same thing, turn the heat way down at night and turn on the electric blankets on about an hour before bedtime and off when we go to bed. Works for us!

  2. I've had an electric blanket since I was 5 years old – I couldn't imagine a Midwest winter without one!

    Around our house, the thermostat rarely goes above 68 degrees and even down to 64/65 when we are at work. We just wear slippers and things that keep us warm and comfortable. I can't see paying for unused heat.

    When I was little, my dad almost turned the thermostat OFF! LOL I remember sitting on that toilet seat and it felt like ice in the mornings. And getting out of the shower? BRRRR. I hated it. But, maybe that's why I don't mind turning the thermostat down now.

    We've also saved a lot of money by installing an electric thermo with time settings – so the heat is adjusted during the times we are normally gone. It was only about $30 and we've saved MUCH more than that on our bill.

  3. My heating and AC guy said that if you turn the thermostat way down like that, it is an extra burden on the furnace in the morning. However, if you get a programmable one where it gradually starts to go up a bit slowly, it might be less stress on it? He did say that there was not a lot of savings overall.

  4. MommaHughes says:

    My husband was told by a friend who talked to the someone at the heating company that if you make the heat go up more than 5 degrees it takes so much work to get it back up that you are defeating your purpose. So, for instance, if you normally keep it at 70 degrees, do not go below 65 degrees. Anyone else heard that? If you will have it down for an extended period of time then this does not apply.

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