Your Turn – Healthy Eating on a Budget

The one thing I get asked all the time is how I manage to eat healthy and on a budget. True, we’re not eating organics but we aren’t eating macncheese and frozen pizzas every night (although Hubs would like that!!) I’ve got some tips and tricks but if you’re particularly gifted in this area I’d love to hear from you! I’m looking for guest posts, tips and tricks or just advice so please drop me a line at mummydeals at yahoo dot com or leave a comment. Share the wealth!!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I bake the Tysen breaded chicken breast patties in the oven, top them with a thin slice of ham, slice of swiss cheese and until cheese melts. Great as a meal or a sandwich on a muffin or bun! Super simple too. CJ

  2. Actually, I think that all those unhealthy convenience foods are the budget busters… not the healthy food options. I can get amish chicken at rock bottom prices, buy rice and grains in bulk, and pick my own berries and veggies when they are in season then freeze them to last for months. Recently Al’s Supermarket had their Miller’s Amish Poultry boneless skinless breasts on sale for $1.69 a lb. I stocked up. And every couple months you can get their bone-in breasts for .98 a lb. Stock up again! Getting creative and stocking up on these low sales help me keep my weekly grocery budget for a family of three down to about $50. “CVSing” helps, too, with the toiletries. I usually can get them for very little or even free.

  3. Cindy's paradise says:

    I agree with Jaime G. I never eat processed food, but refuse to pay full price. Fruit past its prime is perfect for freezing for smoothies or ice cream topping. I buy items on sale and freeze when I can. I eat a lot of salads and a lot of beans. Whatever I might spend in extra food costs (which are minimal) I save in doctor visits.

  4. Frugal Friend says:

    I shop Publix! Twice now I was able to buy Kashi frozen entrees there for free using manufac. coupons. And they have lots of coupon booklets with hi value coupons for natural and organic foods.

    When not shopping there I use the same strategies as Jamie G.

    Another tip is that I buy 73/27 ground beef at Wal-Mart and drain and rinse and again drain the beef when done browning. My hubby works at their meat dept and he said the 80/20 ground chuck and 73/27 both start out with lean ground beef. Then they inject fat into it to make it the right % of fat. Yuck. So the cheaper ground beef once void of fat is just as lean as chuck.

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