Your Turn – Frugal Cooking Tips

My good friend, Britt, loves Italian Sausage on pizza but not the price of the ground stuff you buy in the store. Now she just buys the sausage as sausages, cuts off the tops and uses that to put on pizzas. She’s just getting into freezing to save and we talked last night about how that could be frozen too. Thanks, Britt!

A friend told me that the way she saves money is buy stretching. For example, when she cooks tacos, she adds beans to the meat so it’s not all meat and it saves her family of 6 a ton. Thanks, Mandy!

And now for you: What are some quick frugal cooking tips you have? What helps you stretch your meal or your dollar? It can be really simple but may really help someone else (like the two above helped me) Please leave a comment and let us know!


  1. Kristi_runwatch says:

    I try to always buy meat in family packs or bulk packs. I divide them up into meal-size portions and wrap them in freezer paper, then freeze in labeled freezer bags. Ie: I put 2 pork chops or chicken breasts in each pack, a few stips of bacon together, cut ground sausage packs into thirds, etc. It’s easy to glance in the freezer and see how much of each thing I have, too!

  2. I make double batches of homemade pancakes and freeze them in meal-size portions. For a quick morning meal, it’s much cheaper than boxed frozen pancakes or waffles.

  3. I got a special Rubbermaid Container that makes greens last longer. I put my greens in it and I don’t have as much go to waste. I can also get more lettuce or spinach at a time. I love it! Here is a link of the kind I got (I think that glad and some other folks have the equivalent).

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’ve started serving a lot of our meals on a bed of fresh spinach leaves. It stretches the main course and of course the spinach is really good for you. It’s been a few weeks now and I’ve noticed my energy level is higher!

  5. Cindy's paradise says:

    I buy my black beans and tea in the ethnic food aisle- for some reason it’s cheaper in the Mexican section than it it’s own section.

    I agree with making pancakes from scratch and freezing the extras- it’s so easy!

    I buy fruit in the bargain aisle and freeze it for smoothies- a lot cheaper than buying frozen fruit.

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