Your Turn – Freebies for Good Grades

Thanks to a reader who emailed with some great suggestions of places that offer freebies for good grades.

* Just take your report card to any Chuck E Cheese for free tokens. Also, if you register at their website Chuck E. Cheese – Promotions they will email you pizza and token discount coupons too.

* Limited Too offers you $5.00 off any purchase for good grades. Take your report card to any location for this discount. It’s good on any purchase. I let my daughters each get some of the candy novelties they always have near the registers – Just find something for $5.00 and it will be free!

* Krispy Kreme Donuts also offer free donuts for good grades. Check out the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and Coffee – Store Locator I took my two daughters and their report cards there as well as just my son’s report card. Each of my daughters walked out with a free dozen of assorted donuts each (they picked them out). Unfortunately, my son only got three donuts! You gotta work harder, son!!!

Thanks, Cindy! And now it’s your turn – what stores/restaurants offer FREEBIES/cheap stuff for good grades in your part of the world? Please leave a comment and let us know.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Family Video offers free rentals for ‘A’s on report cards. I am not sure if it is all locations, bu the one in Lowell, IN does.

  2. Best Buy in Lansing offers $2 for every A (or E for Excellent and P for Praiseworthy) on your child’s report card.

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