Your Turn: Diapers and Wipes

I had a reader email this request: My first question I have is what is considered a cheap price for diapers and wipes? My babies are older now and I have’t bought diapers in over 8 years. I keep cutting out coupons but I really don’t know what would be a good deal. I saw that you had just ran out of your supply and thought maybe you could guide me a little bit.

I think that $6 for diapers (jumbo) and $2 for wipes is an ok price. By watching sales and combining coupons I haven’t paid that much often though! But if you had to go buy them today at “full price” that’s what I’d say. Anyone else?


  1. I go by unit price, the most I would pay for Wipes is $.012 ea and for Diapers is $.179 ea.

  2. Since I don't mind using Parent's Choice diapers or wipes (in fact prefer the wipes over any others except Huggies), I use whatever their price is as my "most I'll pay" price. I usually buy a BOX of wipes (the biggest one I can get – usually 8 or more packs to a box – they can go in ANY brand's container) when I buy them. I usually end up getting Huggies or Pampers diapers for around $3-4 a (jumbo) pack at CVS using coupons and ECB deals. I stock up to the deal limit whenever they are that cheap. WAGS is usually the best place to get cheap Huggies wipes every couple of months (using RR and coupons) – I think I paid around $5 for 7 boxes last month. Bottom line for me – if it's not cheaper than PC, it's not a good deal.

  3. I would also agree that that is about right. I can't remember the last time I paid full price for diapers… and 90% of the time I pay less than half price!! I just bought diapers the other day at CVS and for (2) Jumbo packs of Huggies and a bottle of Scope mouth wash I paid $4.98! And got EBs back!

  4. I aim for $3-4 on a Jumbo of diapers and $1 for a tub of wipes.

  5. kortneystanis says:

    I haven't paid more than 6.00 for a jumbo pack of diapers yet, but I also mainly cloth diaper. As for wipes, I would say no more than 1.50 per tub. I get this price because you can buy 720 wipes at sams club for 14.99, so I know that anything less than 1.50 is a good price for wipes (2 cents per wipe or less).

  6. Tressa & Mark says:

    Stop hunting for wet wipe coupons and SAVE by making your own wet wipes.

    Wet Wipes

    – Ice Cream bucket and lid or similar container, empty of course
    – 2 Tablespoon Baby Oil, any brand
    – 2 Tablespoon Baby Wash, any brand
    – Roll of Paper Towels
    – 1 & 1/2 Cup Water

    How To:
    Cut paper towel roll in half, horizontal. Result will look like you have two rolls of toilet paper. Remove card board core. Place one of the "new" rolls in ice cream container. Heat water in microwave till boiling. Let set at least 30 seconds before adding oil and baby bath!! Could boil over, if you add immediately after removing from microwave. Add baby oil and stir until dissolved. Add baby wash and stir until dissovled. Slowly pour water mixture over top of paper towel roll, in circular motion. This allows the water to be absorbed evenly. Cover and let cool. Pull the wet wipe from the center of the roll. I'll pull out several, separating as they are pulled out and place on the top of the roll, ready for wiping.

    Some suggestions:
    – Water…some online recipes call for 2 cups. I've found this leaves the wipes too watery.
    – Baby oil and baby wash…I like to pick these up at the Dollar Store. Usually much less expensive, whether you get the store brand or name brand.
    – Paper Towels…I buy the best quality. After figuring out what we spent one year on wet wipes, I figured I could 'splurge' on paper towels, and save in the long run and be happy with the quality.
    – We keep the extra paper towel roll in a zip lock, ready to make into wet wipes.
    – These will not stay 'fresh' forever. If you are using wet wipes on a regular basis and use them up within a month or so, you should be okay.

  7. I try to get wipes for as close or less than .01/each as possible. Anything .02 or more is too much. If I don't have any deals and need them, I get a big box of them, Parent's Choice, at Walmart (which is also my 2nd favorite after Huggies wipes). Target and Walmart used to have ok/good deals on boxes of generic diapers, but I haven't got them like that in a long time since I learned how to get better deals at CVS and Wags. Sometimes I can use overage, ECBs, RRs or gift card balances on wipes and then they are free 🙂 Also, I don't know about you all, but with full time nursing her till she was 1, we used a ton of wipes (b/c breastmilk makes for loose stools). We used to go through a tub/refil pack about every 2 days…now she is 2 and completely weaned and maybe we use a tub/refil one every 5-7 days, so there is hope that if you are a new mommie, you might be using less wipes later 🙂

  8. I aim for less than $6 a box for diapers. As for wipes, I make ours because it's cheaper.

  9. I shoot for "as cheap as possible". Sometimes a score! Sometimes I just use a coupon on hand and get them for around $8 (Jumbo diaper pack). Wipes, I normally buy the Up and Up Target store brand multi pack. Or get wipes when I double coupon at Kmart. I have two in diapers and they can wait to wait for a mega sale.: )
    I am going to price out Costco and start buying there.

  10. Thanks so much for all your help. You gals are fab!!!

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