Your Turn: Cheap Prescription Sunglasses

Heather just eamiled this and needs help:

“Just wondering if you know of a reliable place to get really cheap prescription sunglasses? I checked out Zinni Optical but couldn’t find any sunglasses. I hate to spend $200 for just a pair of sunglasses and would appreciate any feedback”

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  1. Kristi_runwatch says: – they have a great return policy for almost any reason, too.

  2. Zenni optical tints any of their glasses to make them sunglasses – also some come with magnetic sunglass clips.

  3. Batman's Mom says:

    Zenni optical has the option to "tint" any of their regular glasses into sunglasses. I have a pair and I'm very happy with them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello! If you check Zenni Optical, you can pick a frame and put in the prescription, and then there is an area you can chose lens tint choices. They let you pick the shade and % of darkening. I have gotten a few pairs of prescription regular and sunglasses for my children. They are really nice. Hope this helps!

  5. I like the frames with the magnetic clip-on sunglass attachment.
    they make your regular glasses look like sunglasses. i get my specs at walmart……the frames w/attachment run about $130(??)

  6. HeatherEve says:

    Costco is my go-to for glasses & contacts, they have GREAT prices.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I know someone who buys a pair of sunglasses (or glasses) for an inexpensive frame, then they "pop" out the lenses and have tinted presription lenses made (almost any optical will do this if you have an Rx or even a pair of prescription glasses, so your Rx doesn't even need to be current). Hope this helps

    Southern Girl

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