Your Turn: Best Deals on Strollers

I just got this from Marissa and thought I’d throw it out to my super helpful readers:

Now that my son (AJ) is 1 and summer is in full swing, I am on the search for a baby jogger. However, since I am a 1st time mom, I am not very familiar with the brands that I have found on line:
Baby Trend
Baby Jogger
Not to mention, this item is quite expensive. If possible, I would like to purchase a combination jogger/trailer that can be used as a stand alone jogger or hooked on to the back of my bike. Any suggestions on the best brand and if a combination jogger/trailer will provide the ease of use for each function? Also, where can I find the best deal?

Please leave a comment to let us know! Thanks!


  1. After reading everything and making my list (and checking it twice!) I went to the Jewel in Dyer. I went to the self checkout and put in my preferred card at the end. I paid $28 knowing I was over $30 prior to preferred savings but alas, no coupon! Soooo, thanks to reading before leaving, I checked the Catalina machine. Lo and behold, all the lights were blinking! Everyone was busy so I said, oh well. I guess I am out of getting the coupons (plus I had my 2 kids with me). However, the machine next to me had a $2 off Breyers coupon that the last person didn't take, so I told my daughter to go get it. We packed up the car and I pulled out of the parking lot and decided, $15 is $15! So I took my receipt back in to customer service. I told the woman behind the desk, I saw in the ad if I spent $30 I would get the coupons but none came out. I said I didn't know if it was before or after Preferred Savings (oh and I got a little tongue lashing from the lady who helped me because I honestly DID forget to put in my card at the beginning!). She went right over to the machine, put in a new tape but nothing was spitting out. She went into the office and came out with 3 $5 coupons for me, signed my receipt and off we went. Even in my old age, I am still nervous about standing up and saying something, but this is about money! LOL Thank you Clair for all you do and to the other moms out there helping out. Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. Well, I'm still pregnant with my first so I don't have tons of experience with strollers yet, but you might want to check out the book Baby Bargains. I got the most recent edition from my public library (if they don't have it you can probably skim the relevant section in the bookstore too!). It has reviews and descriptions of TONS of baby products, including strollers. It may give you more insight into what brands would work for you.

    And we actually just bought a stroller for our coming babe on Craigslist. Based on my research, I picked a couple brands I liked, searched them in Craigslist, and set up an RSS feed (for directions see this page That way I didn't have to keep checking back in all the time to see if someone was selling the stroller I wanted. We ended up getting a gently used one for about 40% retail price.

    Good luck!

  3. Christine says:

    I second Jill's recommendation on baby bargains – great book! I believe they also have a toddler bargains book.

    We have a Baby Jogger City Elite and we really like it, but technically it's an all terrain stroller, not a jogging stroller. We got it on eBay when the Live search engine was doing 8% cashback. I believe the manufacturer somehow controls the price so it's very hard to get a deal on them new. eBay free shipping and no tax was the best deal we could find. I think retail is around $400. We see a lot of Bob's downtown and they look nice, but the one-hand fold feature of the Baby Jogger is what sold us.

  4. Well I'm not a mom and don't know much about jogging strollers that convert to bike trailers, btu I do knwo my cousin who had a baby in January went to a lot of trouble to get a BOB stroller on Craig's list and she has been very happy. They have a fussy baby who screams her head off in the car etc but she seems happy in the stroller and my cousin is a runner so I am guessing it is good for that too.
    Good luck!

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