You Won’t Believe Where I Got These!

See this gorgeous shelf that looks like it came from Bed Bath & Beyond……………………….

Or this couch that matches all my others and is super comfy……………..

What about our bedroom dresser (not pictured yet). This isn’t super cute but it’s super practical and guess what? All FREE! Yup, totally and utterly free and you’ll never guess how! In an effort to save money and save landfills a couple of years ago Hubby and I went out around a nice neighborhood with two things: Our van and our two embarrassed friends. Yup, you guessed it, we were off Garbage Picking. This topic is a little embarrassing (I can’t believe I’m admitting to this!) but I want you to see that not only is being frugal great for your budget but it’s actually fun and very, very green!

We drove around a nicer neighborhood (for good pickins’!) on garbage night looking for things people threw out but still had life in them. We happened upon the couch and as it was a really decent name brand, we snagged it and brought it home only to cover it with an inexpensive fabric I found being discontinued at a local fabric store.

Then we found “the Goldmine!” A house in the burbs where the couple were moving downtown and getting rid of stuff. Hubby and Friend kindly offered to “Help them” move stuff out, right into our car!!!

So, although it’s a little embarrassing, it really is a great pastime to be enjoyed with friends!!! Seriously, didn’t we get some great stuff for FREE that was headed to the landfill?

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  1. I’ve gotten more than one awesome Little Tikes item on garbage day. Once, I picked up a climbing cube JUST BEFORE the garbage truck got there (he was one house behind me!) Another time, I got a sand table in perfect condition. Gotta love it!

  2. mom2anutball says:

    My mom used to do it all the time, she always came home with something cool!

  3. I love it!!
    It makes me excitedfor our trash night!

  4. Garbage Picking can be especially fruitful if you live in/near a college town. It is ridiculous what college students will leave out at the curb/in the alley because they don’t want to move it or sell it.

  5. i got a bunch of my furniture this way. thursday is trash day in hinsdale, which was the nearest affluent suburb at the time. (now i live in the city, but there’s stuff to be found around here too!)

  6. kathy @ couponchic says:

    I love that idea…
    we need a new couch…and I’m not willing to fork over any money!!!

    I love your blog…you’re having too much fun!!!

  7. On Stage says:

    It’s nice to find out that I am not the only person who will admit to “dumpster diving”. My house if full of special “treasures”. My newest is a double pedestal dining table found in front of Fetla’s in Valparaiso. It was labeled “free”… all it needs is cleaning and refinishing!

  8. Kristi_runwatch says:

    I love happening upon good stuff on the curb! 🙂 We actually have a pretty decent desk that we found on the curb, and the former owners even loaded it into their van and drove it to our apartment for us! Lo and behold, we already had a chair my hubby had found in the trash, and the paint matched exactly!
    Can’t beat free and green!

    I should say, though, that you should always ask if you can take what’s on the curb – I’ve heard that taking stuff, even from a trash pile, can be considered theft. Smile pretty and ask nice first! 😉

  9. Eliana's mom says:

    I got a couple of toy boxes for the kids toys. Hey one mans junk is another mans treasure right?

  10. Christina says:

    I’ve been fortunate to find a few “less than perfect” items for my apartment at our complex. I wish we had a way to find better stuff like you did. I love the stuff you got. Great pickings!

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