Yahooooooo…..Mary Kay deals!

I love MK and I really love it when it’s on offer. My girlfriend and fellow frugalite is a consultant and is going to be offering Mummy and her friends some deals. Read on!

“Hello All! My name is Lisa Chalko and I am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Each month I am going to offer special deals and offers on Clair’s website just for all of her ‘deal-blogging’ fans!
This month I am offering 40% off all my last chance items! It’s a huge clearance sale and everything must go! Also, for all first time customers with any $25 purchase you will receive a free $12 gift card to use on your next purchase! Just go to to check out my site where you’ll also find some other great deals too! When placing your order please just put CLAIR in the comment section for my reference. Thanks so much and happy shopping!”

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