Would you look at the size of those pumpkins!!

Each year around this time of year a family in Northwest Indiana does something completely selfless just for fun. We’ve been going for the past 2 year’s to see the huge pumpkins that this family grows in a lot close to their house and then carves out each year into different themes. The biggest pumpkin this year is well over 1000LB!!!!!
We thought they would be ready when we went Saturday but they are going to open this Weds October 29th and last until the pumpkins rot. I would go Thursday or Friday just to make sure they’re up and running. They carve them out and then light them up.
As you can see, the things are huge and really cool. Plus you know it’s free!
If you’re interested you can see them at 917 East Miller, Griffith, IN and this year’s theme is Dr. Seuss.


  1. Cline Family says:

    this is right down the street from my house! we are going to drive by and check them out this weekend.

  2. we LOVE to drive by this house!!!

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