Worst Freezer Mistake Giveaway

It’s Freezing Week here at Mummy Deals and of course there’s got to be a giveaway! When my friend, Lori, told me about this awesome book called Don’t Panic….Dinner’s in the Freezer, I knew I had to take a look for myself. I am a freeze-aholic and looking for new recipes.

The story is several years ago a few very busy friends got together looking for recipes that they could freeze. They had so much success that the book was born.
The Don’t Panic method of cooking is about how to make a few batches instead of just one and freeze some for another night. It also shows you how to buy when it’s on sale and freeze and how to use the loss leaders to your advantage. The best thing about it is not only are these nutritious meals but they’re frugal too! What a great thing for this website.

So fast forward to last Friday and here I was, book in hand with my 3LB bag of chicken breasts that I bought for $3.99. First I tried to search for ingredients I already had and came up with Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken Parisienne and Chicken a la King. The first two I just mixed the ingredients, threw them in a ziploc bag with the chicken and put them in the freezer. The other one required a little cooking first then throwing in the freezer.

This morning I took out the Cacciotire and let it defrost for a few hours before putting it in the crock pot (my other favourite thing!) for a mere 2 hours. Voila! Dinner was served, it was a great recipe and best yet? It fed 2.5 of us (Isaac at 11 months eats like a 2 year old!) for a mere $2.40!!!

The girls over at Don’t Panic are giving my readers the chance to win one of 2 copies of their awesome book!! There’s a couple of ways you can win:

1) Answer this question in the comment section:- “What was your worst freezer disaster?” I wanna hear some good stories so help me laugh today!
2) Receive my email alerts by signing up in the lefthand bar. If you’re already signed up, you’re entered!
3) Want more ways to win? Blog about the contest on your site and lemme know.

Contest closes on Sunday February 1st at midnight and the winner will be picked randomly (by random.org) and announced on Monday February 2nd. Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you!


  1. This isn’t the worst thing ever, but, here goes: I have a freezer in my basement, so I freeze extra recipes all the time. I got ground beef on sale cheap, so I bought several extra pounds, because I like to have meatballs on hand. So I rolled and rolled meatballs and put them on a metal pan to “flash freeze” them for an hour (so they keep their shape) before putting them in freezer bags for later. Well, it must have been a busy week,because I completely forgot about them for about five days. I ran downstairs to get something, and saw that the meatballs were completely petrified and dried out. Like rocks. Did I throw them away? Not a Dutch girl like me! I put them into a freezer bag and figured if I douse them with enough gravy, they may come back to life. Anyone want to come over for petrified meatball dinner?? I didn’t think so. 🙂

  2. stephanie says:

    Thankfully, I don’t have any true disasters. However, I just recently tried freezing 1/2 gallon jugs of milk… and didn’t open them up (or do anything to adjust for freezing expansion). They look like they’ll explode.

    Anyways, I think this is an awesome giveaway, and I hope I’m a winner!

  3. silverhartgirl says:

    ok this isn’t about freezing food but it is about a freezer.
    Last year my son was getting out the fish stick. When getting out the box that was opened her turned it upside down.Fish stick crumbs everywhere. All over the ice cues everywhere. I cleaned it the best i could and made new ice cubes but the freezer still smelled like fish. I had to defrost the freezer and get out every single fish stick crumb. My freezer smells good again

  4. When I was living with my parents, my mom told me to put the brand new olive oil she bought away. Being a typical teenager, I wasn’t listening or paying attention. Some back story: My mom has two fridges and one full size freezer in our house because there was six of us growing up and she is a budget/bulk shopping freak! I just assumed since everything else went into the freezer that I was putting away, this should too. About a week later, I heard her scream! We came running and she said “Who put olive oil in the freezer!?!” As I slowly backed out of the laundry room, I saw three other sets of eyes and fingers point my way. Talk about being sold out by the siblings!

  5. I was making up a bunch of entrees to freeze for when I had my baby. My mother-in -law stopped by and noticed that pot pie was on my list and asked if I could make one for them. No problem- they’re always helping us out, so I hurried and made the filling, put the crust in the pan and prepared to make it “freezer ready when she asked if I could add potatoes like I had the last time. No prob! I added some chopped potatoes, topped it off and got it ready to freeze. She took it home later and froze it there. She called about 3 weeks later to tell me the filling was black and gross! I’d forgotten that the potatoes turn if you don’t cook them!

  6. The first time I froze spaghetti sauce in a ziploc bag, I had to thaw it w/ the shelf I put it on.
    I have a side by side refrigerator and didn’t think that the bag would mold to the shelf which is not flat but a wire rack.

  7. Heather J says:

    I would love love love this cookbook – I have done quite a bit of batch cooking and it is a tremendous blessing to busy moms! This isn’t a really bad freezer story – but there IS a reason that ZipLoc bags are considered ‘freezer’ bags or not. I didn’t realize that and have items bust thru the thin flimsy non-freezer bags – nothing worse than cleaning up a molasses honey rosemary sauce from your freezer. There is no easy way to do it – because once the leak happens, it FREEZES! Lots of hot hot rags were used to clean up my disastorous mess! So lesson is – use FREEZER bags!!! email: hmjudd1015@hotmail.com

    I also signed up to receive your email subscription….

    Hope I win!

  8. Brian, Tammy, Kaylin, Isabella and Matthew says:

    I had just spent the entire afternoon rushing to get as many sauces pre-prepared for the upcoming arrival of baby #3. I had done an excellent job of making 6 meals worth of spaghetti sauce and 6 meals worth of Alfredo sauce. Placed them in 12 seperate ziplock baggies and asked my husband to bring them down and “put them on something flat” in the deep freeze in the basement (my tired swollen feet couldn’t make it down there!). After the baby had been born I went down to grab one of the baggies to make a quick dinner since I wasn’t supposed to be long on my feet and found he had placed each bag upright in a long row in the mesh basket of the freezer. Every single bag of sauce had molded itself around the wires of the basket and was frozen solid to it! I tried every way possible to get them off that basket, but my efforts were in vain. Every last sauce had to go in the trash. I must’ve sat in the basement for 1/2 hour crying over all my wasted efforts! I never said a word to him, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings – he had them all neatly stacked up in there!

  9. This is not a disaster, but it’s all I’ve got! Something that does NOT freeze well: I found myself with an extra half-can of sweetened condensed milk after a baking project. Like I do with other leftover liquids, I poured it into an ice cube tray to freeze. Once they were frozen though, those cubes just would not come out. Not even my husband could bend the ice cube tray. Oops and oh well!

    -Erin, email is mamalookingup at gmail dotcom

  10. Hey, Clair! I blogged about your contest at kakorner.blogspot.com.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. My dear, dear husband put a pop in the freezer, but forgot about it. After he found it exploded, he didn’t clean it up or say anything about it. Once I finally found it, we had to completely defrost the freezer in order to clean up the mess.

  12. My freezer incident actually was more of a stove accident. Back when I was single I took out my roommate’s grandmother’s homemade rolls (oh, yeah!) out of the freezer and popped them in the oven. When puling them out I noticed the (melted) plastic oozing off the pan. Duh, she had put seran wrap underneath the foil, but didn’t label it. Now when I cook a freezer meal, I always make a little note to remove plastic first-very helpful…unless you want to poison yourself!

  13. This isn’t my story but our friends left the freezer door open and all the food thawed b/c it was open over the weekend. They came home and cooked all the meat up (it was still cold) and lucky for us we were invited over for many dinners that week! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. The worst freezer disaster would be me unplugging the deep freeze when I was about 2. I still remember my parents frantically trying to save everything. My mom still talks about it!

  15. Christine says:

    I tried to freeze a batch of chicken enchiladas, but they ended up being a soggy tortilla mess after I defrosted them. We had pasta for dinner instead.

  16. This is a story about my Grandma and mom. My mom had just bought some Diet Coke and sent my daughter and my Grandma down to put it in the downstairs fridge! Three days later, my mom went down to get her Diet Coke from the fridge but found it in the freezer!It had exploded in the FREEZER! I guess sending a cute old great-grandma and a two year old on an errand wasn’t a good idea! Thanks, I would love to win the book! I am always looking for new recipes! tawna21@hotmail.com

  17. I have to share a freezer mistake that happened to a friend, who taught me about freezing meals.

    She had left instructions for her husband to put the thawed casserole in the oven. Before baking it he forgot to remove the plastic wrap off the casserole, oops!

    priscillawallace at sbcglobal dot net

  18. First off, I’ve had Jennifer’s scenario happen to us, and I refused to clean it up b/c he’s the one who forgot about it, he should clean it! I believe there is still remnants of frozen pop on the door of our freezer.

    We’re not big freezer people (I only have a small bottom freezer), but I’m learning! Well, when my daughter was born, my in-laws very kindly brought us over several meals to pop into the freezer for later. I have no idea what we did wrong, but these casseroles came out SO (particularly the one that had rice and tortillas!) mushy when we tried to reheat them that it turned us off of freezing stuff for a long time. This book would be great for me, I’d love to have something to hold my hand about what I can freeze and what I shouldn’t!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Well, I don’t have any freezer stories, but if you want a good laugh…
    I don’t like cherries. But when I was first married and still “green” I discovered that hubby loved cherry pie. Not given to eat them myself, I did what I thought any good wife would do and made the most beautiful pie you have ever seen. It was quite expensive, but thinking he was worth it, I waited for him to come home for the surprise. He was surprised all right. I had made the entire pie from maraschino cherries. They “looked” beautiful, but are not good in a pie. Live and learn.

    Thanks for this opportunity. I clearly could use the help.

  20. This may not be a funny story, but a disaster none the less…..We lost an enitre freezer full of food because a mouse got stuck in the back of the freezer and burnt the motor out. And to make matters worse, we didn’t notice it right away and it was the middle of July. Can you imagine the smell?
    Thanks! Bethm1016@hotmail.com

  21. I just subscribed!!!

  22. I have a disaster, but sorry Clair, it’s not very funny. I have a deep freeze in the basement. We got water in the basement and my husband had to unplug it and he forgot to plug it in later. A couple days had passed and I had to go get something out of it and everything was ruined! We had to throw it all in the garbage!

  23. I blogged about your giveaway.


    heathersavin at yahoo dot com

  24. Not a extremely bad story because I have heard of worse but when I was growing up my mom had decided to try various meals in the freezer that we made all the time.

    The casserole looked good and smelled good but when it came to eating it had to worse texture in the world!

  25. The Straka's says:

    Worst freezer dilemma?? Forgetting to CLOSE it all the way and ALL my meat spoiled!! YUCK!!


  26. katskitchen says:

    Hmmm the worst freezer mistake…I’d have to say leftover lasagna. I made a 8×8 and of course my husband and I don’t eat the whole thing (and he’s not big into italian leftovers) so I froze it and forgot about it, until I found it way in the back, took it out and served it (hopeing the hub wouldn’t notice it was leftover). It wasn’t the same, a bit dry, just not like the fresh homemade lasagna.

  27. One early spring day I was vacuuming the rugs and furniture on our back screen porch, when the vacuum stopped cold. I was almost done, and didn’t have time to fix it, so I moved on with my day. Two days later, I went to do laundry, and saw a large puddle running from underneath my freezer! I had no idea that the porch and basement were on the same circuit, and when the freezer kicked on, it tripped it! Good news: the vacuum’s OK … bad news: everything in my freezer perished. ;( Now I run the vacuum cord from inside the house! (safford.at.charter.dot.net)

  28. Sarah Anne says:

    Hi there! This is my first time visiting your site and I think it’s great! I have signed up for your e-mail subscription and also posted about your contest on my blog:

    My friends and I love meal planning, but we haven’t yet tried freezer meals. I would love to be able to post an article soon on freezer meals. This cookbook would be a great way to get started!

    Thanks for the great contest!

  29. I too have left a can of pop in the freezer…..a few times. It’s a tough mess to clean up without defrosting your entire freezer. I’m guess I’m lucky not to have a really bad freezer story. I’m so excited about this book….I may just be willing to buy it if I don’t win it.

  30. Don’t put soda in the freezer… it turns out it explodes all over everything! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  31. Jamie and Katie says:

    My sister was throwing me a bridal shower (several years ago) and decided to make individual servings of this dessert you were supposed to freeze. She wanted to use nice bowls for the occasion, so she asked if she could borrow the brand new bowls I had received at another shower thrown for me. Guess what? Glass bowls with pedestal feet do NOT freeze well! All of the feet broke off, and I never got to use my new bowls because my sister never replaced them!

  32. Michelle Osborn says:

    I became a huge fan of freezer meals just before my 3rd daughter was born. I found out she was breech and that I needed a c-section so I spent one whole weekend making and freezing meals for after the birth. This saves us so much money. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  33. Jamie and Katie says:

    I just linked to your blog from my blog – http://www.themommyfactor.wordpress.com. Thanks!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    I guess my freezer disaster is that I don’t do it! I’ve got another baby on the way and have just gotten a freezer so that I’ll be able to do freezer cooking. Even if I don’t win, I’m going to get that book.
    seaysaves at gmail.com

  35. My worse freezer disaster was when we went 9 days without power during an ice storm. Once my parents got their power back on, we moved what we could to their freezer (which was almost empty). I lost a ton of food thanks to now power and it was a real eye opener as to how much I really had stored in there that I had no idea was really there.

  36. I once told my son to go take a steak out of the freezer to defrost… I later found a placenta thawing in the fridge! He had grabbed the wrong ziploc bag out of the freezer, and had accidentally taken out his little sister’s placenta that we had been saving to plant under a tree.

  37. i just subscribed.

  38. The Clarks says:

    I got a really good deal on fresh green beans and I LOVE them but my husband hates them. So, I cooked them a little and dried them all off and froze them. They were mush when I defrosted them. I was so mad that they were so gross!!

  39. all4my2girlz says:

    I do not drink soda because the calories are sooo not worth it to me,but when i have company over I always carry it. My in laws are neat freaks so I always have the kitchen spotless when they come over.I had spilled a bag of Turkish coffee in the freezer a couple days before so i spent a good half hour cleaning it with hot towels.When cooking for 20 people or so the kitchen gets hot by the end of the meal and to give me something to look forward to I put a cherry pepsi in the fridge. I forgot about it because I had coolers of ice and soda by the tables. My mother in law found it exploded when she was making the Turkish coffee…She said ” ahh what a mess” I had to clean it out AGAIN.
    email: lauratan981@sbcglobal.net

    I love you Claire you have been saving me soo much time!My 1 yr. and 2 yr. old thank you too.

  40. Tricia@onceamonthmom.com says:

    I personally have never (knock on wood) had a freezer disaster in my adult life. I am certain that I caused many in my childhood. I do remember many days when I was ordered to assist in cleaning up strawberry juice and cooking meat when “someone” didn’t shut the freezer door all the way!

  41. The Hansen Family says:

    Just a few mornings ago, when I was trying to get a few precious hours of sleep while the babe was sleeping, my husband woke me up to tell me our stand alone freezer had died. We spent almost two hours unloading all the meat (my parents raise cows and pigs and share the love!) and wheeling the heavy as heck freezer out our side door, dripping freezer juice the whole way out into the 20 degree weather. When I finally laid my head down on my pillow again, who should wake up? 🙂 Luckily, all the food was saved.. Not my sanity, however!

  42. Worst freezer disaster ever for me….probably not cleaning out the frost often enough! It sounds simple enough, but for some reason, I let it go so long that it seems there is more frost than anything else in there right now! Not a good thing!

  43. when I tried to fast freeze some drinks for a party and forgot about them – don’t do it!

  44. I have two: one is my mom’s. Their freezer died and they discovered it because of a knock you over smell. They lost over $1000 of VENSION (deer) and other hunted animals. You can’t just go to Stracks and replace it. Many tears were shed. I just recently discovered that there is something called a freezer alarm. Around $15 it makes a LOUD siren noise if the temp goes below a safe point.
    Second, I made HUGE batch of sweet potatoes to cube for my first born. Only I left them in the cubes to long before I bagged and freezer burnt them all. And worse yet discovered it after I had fed some to her after much complaining. Poor kid

  45. I can say I am prob. the worse person in the kitchen EVER! I have no idea what I am doing, that is why the cookbook would be greatly appreciated. I thought for some reason that salad could be frozen, but apperantly it can not! 🙂 LOL.

  46. Anonymous says:

    My best story.
    My mom owned a cafe and would make homemade mini loaves of bread and freeze them for the dinner hour a week at a time. So a lot of loaves of bread! One day the cook did not show up, so I was volunteered to make the bread and freeze it. That bread was suppose to rise for a couple of hours, but did not rise at all after 9 hours. I could not figure out why, until I discovered I had used 24 cups of cornstarch instead of flour. Woops, I was a waitress and never a cook after that.

  47. At my parents I put a can of A & W in the freezer for my dad. I figured it would be nice and cold when he was done mowing. By supper time I'd forgetten and it had exploded.

    Then there was the time the freezer door wasn't shut the whole way and the frozen corn leaked over everything else. Sticky mess!

  48. I don’t know what I do wrong but when I freeze meat – I must do it wrong (how can you screw up freezing something?) It always taste like cardboard! So I quit freezing stuff. i’m hoping with your book maybe I can get it right.

  49. new subscriber

  50. Forgot about the freezer disaster! Sorry! Just so excited to try to win this cookbook!

    We tried to freeze pedialite for my little boy when he was sick. We would put it in the freeze pop bags. What a mess!

    AmyHabegger at hotmail dot com

  51. My worst was not making sure my husband labeled a container of ham and beans when he froze it. I can’t stand to smell or see it, just makes me sick. I went through the freezer months later to look for something and found the container. Not knowing what it was, but knowing it had been in there a long time, I took it out to thaw. It was nasty. All freezer burn and looked even worse than usual. LOL! I couldn’t stand it in the house to totally thaw so I threw it, container and all, away.

  52. I was a member of a meal group and we did meals this way. One of the meals didn’t get tightly closed and when I pulled it out to use it, it was all freezer burned. I still cooked it and it tasted ok, but it wasn’t very pretty!!


    I just found your site and I love it!
    Would love to get my hands on one of these books! THANKS!!!

  53. While I have had the door left open by oblivious teenagers, I have also had a husband who wanted to make his beer cold real quick. Just like soda, beer explodes in the freezer too 🙂

    I’m expecting a baby in 6 weeks and would love to have this book to prepare some meals!

  54. FreeZY POP Explosion…why is it when you buy 300 of these things, one always has a hole in it??? Yes, my freezer is in the garage and one of my children ALWAYS leave the door open. These refreshing summertime treats thaw and drip all over every thing making it a very sticky business to clean up.
    This happens to me at least once a week during the summer months.
    Kids…gotta love ’em! Looks like a fun book!

  55. I cooked a bunch of spaghetti sauce before I had my first baby. I put it in the metal basket in the deep freeze, and it got stuck! I pulled and pulled and the bag ripped! Some of them were salvagable, at least.

    Elissa at huebert dot org

  56. This is a sad/bad freezer disaster! During a lightning storm, a bolt did hit pretty close to our house…we didn’t lose electricity that I remember. Now, we had six kids and two full size freezers (raise our own beef/chicken and on occassion pork). One freezer in our basement the other at the barn. Well, a few days passed and one day hubby went to the barn and noticed an ‘odor’. That bolt of lightning tripped a braker at the barn that we didn’t know about and the freezer went out. We had at least 100lbs of beef in there that went bad…I almost cried! Oh well; the Lord has always provided and we didn’t go hungry, but we now check the barn freezer more often esp. after lightning storms!

  57. I tried to freeze celery for soups. I won’t do that again!
    ariella at blight dot com

  58. I spent a summer during college living on my own and utilizing the small freezer compartment of a mini-fridge. The kind previous renters had left meat, which led to lots of critters and smell, in the full size fridge/freezer. I did damage control, but just couldn’t completely rid the freezer of the smell enough to use it. Though not too funny to me at the time, I am sure it was rather curious to any visitors why I used the mini-fridge instead of its much larger brother next to it!

  59. Fortunately I haven’t had any big mishaps . . . just little things like when I first started freezing sweetcorn in baggies and they froze around the basket. How do you get them out? It was a bit of a challenge but now I stack them in cake pans to freeze and then place them in larger freezer bags. I love my freezer!

  60. I recently moved and the movers plugged my freezer in at the new house. Five days later when I went to get something out of the freezer I found that the GFI on that outlet had been tripped and the freezer was essentially unplugged for that whole time. Luckily the freezer was in the garage and it had been pretty cold out so I only lost a few things.

  61. Jamie and Katie says:


    This is Katie at http://www.babydaydreams.blogspot.com. Sorry I didn’t leave you a way to contact me! I am so excited that I won!!!

    My email is jamieandkatie@charter.net. Thanks so much!

  62. nemeth55 says:

    My worst freezer mistake was forgetting my Father put a bowl of Oysters in the freezer to get them nice and cold,the freezer was above the refrigerator,and I reached for something in the freezer section,when all of a sudden the whole bowl of cooled Oysters were dripping on me from head to toe,needless to say Oysters are not one of my favorite foods.
    Jackie Nemeth

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