Win Money at Dominick’s!!

Last week I got an email that surprised me. Dominick’s across Chicagoland are slashing their grocery prices. The next day Hubs saw a billboard advertising the same thing. It seems like that’s another store in our area that is realizing it needs to slash prices in order to compete and that’s good for you and me.

Well, to prove that their prices are cheaper they’re sending me grocery shopping there and offering me some gift cards to giveaway!! Can I get a “whoop, whoop?!!” I’ll be out there later this week and will post all about it but in the meantime I wanted to tell you how you can win money there all this week:

Dominick’s is partnering with local Chicago radio station WUSN-FM 99.5 for a fantastic $1000 Dominick’s Giveaway. All you’ve got to do is go into your local Dominick’s store and pick up a car decal for the chance to win the $1000 gift card. Below are more details on the $1000 giveaway:

· Dominick’s shoppers can pick up their “I Play Tag and Save at Dominick’s” car decal at their local Dominick’s store starting on Wednesday, September 9th (at checkout or customer service)
· Customers will be directed to display the decal on their cars’ back window
· Customers will be directed to listen to their local radio station for details on getting “Spotted” with the decal and the chance to win a $1000 Dominick’s Gift Card
· The radio station will be visiting a different Dominick’s store each day between now– September 18th to spot a $1000 winner
· 7 winners will be selected throughout the week


  1. I'm glad to see Dominick's mentioned on your site. I live in the city and shop there each week and have secretly hoped one day you'd start posting about their weekly deals. I realize their prices aren't always the least expensive, but I got hooked on the customer service and the cleanliness of the store. (Our Jewel is kind of a mess and very cramped.) My one-year-old knows the store employees and they are always kind to him.

    I will keep watching for more Dominick's info and hope to win one of those gift cards you may giveaway. Thanks!!

  2. My guess is $99.99, cannot establish a google account as I do not have texting available on my cell #.

    Joyce Lopez

  3. I think you spent 98.72. 🙂

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