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Still stuck in hibernation mode and not ready to turn over that Spring leaf? Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting task; it can actually be quite easy and simple!

For those of you who are new around here let me just get it out of the way: I LOVE my Swiffer. In fact I could easily be a spokesperson for them! I love the dry one, the WetJet and now this: The Duster Extender. In fact the day the box arrived I ran around the house so giddy to get rid of cobwebs that my 4 year old thought it was a game and begged me to try it! 2 points for the Mummy!

The other thing Proctor & Gamble is wanting to highlight is the Cascade® Action Pacs™. Dreading dish duty? Who doesn’t! Cascade® Action Pacs™ rinses away residue while leaving dishes sparkling powering away 24-hour, stuck-on food so you don’t have to!

To win these products simply fill out the form below. Easy peasy!

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I blog with integrit: P&G contacted me to try these products and while I got to try them my opinion is my own.


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