Win A Swiffer Cleaning Kit

Hi, my name is Clair and I’m a little addicted to my Swiffer. How addicted? Well I once Facebooked this:

I LOVE my Husband.
I LOVE my Swiffer.
When the two are connected I really LOVE it!

See the above picture? Yeah I use my Swiffer A LOT! Eventually I used it a little too hard and it broke so Hubs fixed it and away we go again! Plus the awesome thing about it is you can use a micro-fiber cloth on it saving you money and the environment. Simply cut a cloth in half and pull around to tuck into the 4 slots on the top. For cleaning wood floors I drip the cloth in some Murphy’s Oil Soap and water and swiffer away.

This month, Swifferยฎ is reintroducing its Dry Cloths, 360 Duster and WetJet Solution, just in time for back to school season. Minimize constant sweeping and dusting, and have bacteria take a field trip from your home. Here are 4 great tips for keeping your house in tip-top shape even during the busy back to school season:

Itโ€™s a Team Effort:
Put aside a time each week for the whole family to clean the house.

What Goes Up Must Come Down:

When cleaning a room, always start from the top of the room and work your way down.

There is a Time and Place for Everything:

Assign a location in your house for backpacks, lunches and muddy soccer cleats.

Pencil it In:
Create a master calendar of simple, daily chores โ€“ this will keep the whole family contributing each and every day!

To celebrate clean houses everywhere I’m giving away a Swiffer Cleaning Kit to one lucky household. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter form and be entered.

So what ya gonna win? Proctor & Gamble have teamed up with me again to offer a Swiffer 360 Duster, WetJet Solution and Sweeper Kit.

I blog with integrity: Although I received the above products to try out I already owned them all and got to donate them and offer one to a reader!


  1. Angela Johnson says:

    use windex to get coolaid off your countertops. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. i would LOVE to win a swiffer!

  3. My cleaning tip it to clean as you go. Wipe, dust, do a little bit every day when you are cleaning.

  4. Rhonda Mullen says:

    My cleaning tip….Toothpaste removes permanent marker from the fridge (and similar surfaces!).

  5. Joshua Lanham says:

    The Magic Eraser from arm and hammer works GREAT for wall and floor scuffs!

  6. Erin Webber says:

    Use water and vinegar to clean a dirty coffee pot.

  7. My favorite cleaning tip, always start in one corner of the room and work in a circle and then do the middle, that way your not jumping from one place to the next and you don’t miss anything, and like already mentioned, always work from the top down!

  8. I like to concentrate on one thing at a time, instead of trying to do everything at once, and make a general plan. For example, do all the dirty dishes and wipe down the counter. Then I’ll go through my apartment picking up toys from the floor and set them to the side for the kids to put away, so I can do my vacuuming, when that’s down I’ll give the windows a good spritz with windex and wipe them down, etc.. Keeps me from getting overwhelmed, and at least things get down, instead of 5 partially finished tasks.

  9. It seems like once my counter or table or couch or whatever surface is cluttered my whole house goes into disarray so I try to clean off the table/counter nightly before bed.

  10. Jennifer T. says:

    My cleaning tip is set the timer for 1 hour and do some chores. When you have guest get out the swiffer for a quick touch up and it will look like you have a spotless house! lol

  11. Jessica Fulford says:

    So need one of these! I have all wood floors and my knees are killing me!

  12. Katie Pederson says:

    I love Swiffer! With wood floors, it’s so easy to just run it over the floors once every other day or so. I’ve run out of the cloths before and in desperation, used an old sock. It worked. But I like the pads so much better lol

  13. I really hope I win….

  14. This would be awesome to win! I really like Swiffer products. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    My tip is to clean things as you see it and not put it off!!

  16. I keep every cleaning product in a plastic tote organizer type bucket, so I can easily grab what I need for the occasion. It is portable and always accessible. It also keeps the items in one place so I can keep them out of kids and pets access.

  17. My cleaning tip is that everything has a place. I have a small rug in the hallway for shoes, backpacks belong in the bedroom unless doing homework at the kitchen table, I have a bowl for keys, etc.

  18. Cheryl Barnett says:

    To get those impossible shoe streaks off the floor use an ink eraser. Works fast and easy and a cheap solution.

  19. Cassandra Cordova Van Slyke says:

    If you get it out, put it back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I can use all the help I can get with cleaning!

  21. Andrea Williams says:

    I try to do 1-2 things around the house each day so I don’t have to spend a lot of time cleanings. For example: floors one day, dusting another, clean bathroom on another, etc. This way it only takes a few minutes each day to work, but the house is cleaned every week.

  22. I need a new Swiffer! Always keep refills on hand!

  23. joyce wilson says:

    Ice, salt & lemon are the best to clean a coffee pot.

  24. I scrub the sides of bath tub when I wait to rest the conditioner on my hair.

  25. I use a magic eraser for everything! Especially crayon on the walls and marker on leather sofa!

  26. Jennifer Johncock says:

    My tip… I clean when the kids are in bed so I feel like I’ve accomplished something instead of having to pick up everything again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. If you burn the bottom of a pan (not a coated one) use oven cleaner overnight to get it clean.

  28. For berry stains use the hottest water you possibly can (boiling, if possible) and pour it through the stain. You will see it disappear within a short time. I love seeing it go bye-bye!

  29. my cleaning tip?Stay Organized! I have 5 children and if a day goes by w/o me cleaning…im in deep trouble! The kids know if they make a mess B$ they even move on to another project clean up. My motto is :”the Maid is dead!” meaning we dont have one ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. i tweeted @ mamamany

  31. i get your emails

  32. and we are friends on FB! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Tara Pettingill says:

    I would love to have one of these, so the kids can help with the floors!


  35. I bought a irobot vacuum and love it. It saves me a lot of time.


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