CLOSED: Win A Keurig + 3 Months Supply Of Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups

I LOVE my coffee. In fact one might call me a coffee connoisseur. I love holding that beautiful brown liquid in my hand, heading into our 4 seasons room and smelling it while I sit and read my Bible and get into the morning. I do it half an hour or more before the kiddos wake up and find it makes a huge difference in my mentatilty. I just need time alone with my cuppa java. I brew it at home as clearly I can’t run through a drive-thru.

There are lots of coffee choices out there but only one stands out as being both yummy and reasonably priced. I LOVE Dunkin Donuts (and I’m not paid to say it!) It’s smooth, tastes great with cream and sugar, I don’t need an expensive flavored one and it’s not expensive. Whenever my friend and I go garage saling we take it in turns to pick up Dunkin Donuts.

The problem in the past has been the fact that although people love the Keurig, you couldn’t buy Dunkin Donuts K-Cups. People complained and Dunkin Donuts listened and now Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in the United States will offer Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cup® portion packs, making “America’s Favorite Coffee” available for use with the Keurig® Single-Cup Brewing system for the very first time. Sold exclusively at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants, Dunkin’ K-Cup® portion packs are offered in five popular flavors, including Original Blend, Dunkin’ Decaf®, French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Dunkin’ Dark® Roast. The suggested retail price for a 14-count box is $11.99.

Now here’s a question: Do you know a Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana Mom (or Mum!) who could use a little pick-me-up? Are you that Mom that could use a little treat? If you know a Mom, then here’s the scoop – I’m giving a Keurig brewer and 3 month supply of Dunkin K-Cups to a deserving Mom! Isn’t that crazy? I can’t wait to see all your entries of why you feel someone should get it! Here are some rules:

  • This is only open to Chicagoland or Northwest Indiana addresses. Sorry folks but I don’t make the rules 🙁
  • Dunkin Donuts Chicago will be helping me pick a winner so don’t send flowers to me to sweeten me up although chocolate is generally always accepted!
  • Yes, you may get someone to nominate you!
  • Simply fill out the form below and you’ll be on your way!


  1. Christine Arfsten says:

    I would nominate my sister in law, Jennifer. She is working full time with two boys, spouse, house and dog. Even during the summer for our family visit her home was immaculate and a place for everything with mostly everything in it’s place. (Which is no small feat with little feet and hands all over.) She deserves a spa week.

  2. I would LOVE to win this. I need all the caffeine I can get!

  3. natasha rinaldo says:

    I nominate myself because I am desperate for my cup of joe in the mornings. I have to be awake and alert for my dear newborn Daughter! Coffee helps me get all that I set out to do done AND fairly quick. I hope to experience DD’s coffee, as I haven’t tried it yet! Please, please pick me!!

  4. Amy Furman says:

    I would love a keurig! Thanks mummy deals for the chance!

  5. Natalie Mijares says:

    I definitely could use the pick me up. I work full time as a bartender at the casino. I have a 3yr old son who has a major case of the terrible 3’s! Whoever said the two’s were terrible obviously has never had a 3yr old ;). And coincidently he just broke the glass carafe that goes to my coffee maker. ugh! Those darn things are like $15 to replace. The main reason I need a pick me up the most is because I decided to go back to school and finish my English degree. Yay! School just started yesterday. So I will be needing a quick cup of coffee (which the keurig is perfect for) in the evening to study as well as my usual morning cup o’ Joe! Thanks.
    Natalie M.

  6. I would nominate my sister-in-law as a mom that needs a pick-me-up. She just returned to work from maternity leave and I’m sure she would really enjoy this since she has to get up super early to get her 2 little ones up and ready to go.

  7. Rachel S. says:

    I would love this!! Dunkin Donuts is by far the best coffee!

  8. I love Keurig machines and would love to make my morning coffee even better.

  9. I want my daughter to win this because she needs a huge kick start with Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups to face her 25 4th graders after a 2 month summer vacation. The Keurig would also prevent her daily trips to Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru.

  10. Rick Nowacki says:

    A friend got a Keurig for Father’s day – Every time I visit I drink at least 3 cups of coffee – I think it would be nice to return the favor – but I’d one-up him by serving DD French Vanilla – oh yeah!!!

  11. christina says:

    I would nominate this to my mom who is always working USO at Midway airport every Sunday and who is always off doing a walk to fund Breast Cancer or MS research.

  12. Heather G says:

    I nominate myself. 🙂 I’m typically not a “morning person” so coffee helps me start my day with my two little beauties.

  13. Shannon Alexander says:

    I would love to nominate my friend Julie. She is such a hard worker and I think she is in need of a pick me up right now. Her daughter just had her tonsils out. Her husband works late and will be starting school again soon so she won’t get to see him much. I think she would love a Keurig and some Dunkin Donuts K cups. It will help put that pep back in her step.

  14. amy guinzio says:

    I nominate me because my sweet boy keeps me hopping & I need all the pick up I can get. I love keurig & can’t afford one.
    Amy G

  15. Julie Vander Woude says:

    I would nominate my mom. She has been through so much, yet has remained strong for her 3 kids throughout everything. She was a single mom for 10 years while my dad was on and off drugs. And now she is dealing with a man who completely changed after she married him. I still live with her and she is the strongest woman I know! She deserves everything in the world!

  16. Jennifer Rush says:

    I admit – I would love a Keurig coffee maker…especially if it came with Dunkin Donuts coffee!!

  17. Angie Cooper says:

    I would nominate my mom, Brenda. She lives right down the road and I would go drink her coffee:)

  18. Valerie Cahill says:

    I am nominating myself. I am a newly stay at home mom of three. I used to work full time and getting up early to go to work was a breeze compared to getting up to a 5 month, 2 yr and 5 yr old little girls. I so need a cup of coffee and I usually don’t have time to make a pot and only drink a cup. So this would be perfect for me. I could put my cup under with my creamer and sugar start my coffee while I get everyones shoes on crab my coffee and out the door to work the oldest to school. I would greatly appreciate the Keurig.

  19. I would love this machine & the coffee. My mom has one & it is so easy. I have an 15 year old Mr. Coffee. So I am in NEED of an upgrade. I love DD coffee but right now I am unable to afford it. I am currently on disability awaiting another surgery in September. It would be nice & so easy for me to use & drink up the delicious coffee. So I nominate myself. Thanks for your site.

  20. stephanie rafalski says:

    I so need my coffie in the am! I drag feet if I dont get it and this would make life so much better for me I can just put the little coffie thing in and be done in sec’s I have 4 kids I get up and get off to school there ages are 13, 9,7,5 so yea it would be a nice gift for me thank you!

  21. Cynthia Rhoades says:

    I would love to win this. We have a 2 year old and we are adopting another baby from China in a couple of months. I work when the baby is sleeping so I can use all caffine I get a chance to drink. And I will be 50 this June.

  22. Karyn Brodsky says:

    I know that Mummy Deals primarily speaks to moms (women), but for a change of pace, I would like to nominate my husband, Steven Brodsky. In addition to being a caring husband and a wonderful father, he has also been an exemplary son. We often hear “a daughter is a daughter for life”, which assumes that daughters are always there to care for their parents. My husband puts this assumption to rest. He has always gone the extra mile, even more so than most people I know, to take care of his now 92-year-old father and even my 85-year-old father, both widowers. After a long week at work, which is 100-miles round trip, Steve travels another 90 miles round trip on Sundays to mow both dads’ lawns. His father was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. From the time of the diagnosis, Steve has spent every moment of his weekends by his father’s side–from the hospital to the rehabilitation center, and most recently, at hospice. In fact, since this past Monday when my father-in-law was admitted to hospice, Steve has been there with him round the clock to help feed him soft foods and now liquids, to talk to him, to comfort him and to be there spiritually for him. His dad is in the final stages of cancer, and how much time he has left is only known by God, but Steve has never left his side. In addition to taking its toll emotionally on Steve and the rest of the family, my husband has had to go many hours without sleep and depends heavily on coffee to get him through the days and nights, watching and waiting as his father slowly slips away.
    I am in awe of him and his ethic and devotion to family. We have two boys of our own and I can only hope that they will treasure this lesson, and tend to my husband and I in our golden years with the tender loving care that Steve has demonstrated with his dad.
    Steve truly deserves to win the Keurig coffee maker and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee; if not for the fact that he loves the coffee itself, then for how much he loves his dad.

  23. Jori Wachowiak says:

    I nominate myself! We have an old coffeepot and could really use a Keurig and some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. I have two young kids and one on the way, a Dunkin’ boost could help!

  24. I would nominate my friend Tammy. She is a good friend I met through a mother’s group. She is 37 with two small kids and she’s coming back from a hemorragic stroke. She’s been soooo strong! If anyone is interested, there is a benefit for her tomorrow, (Sunday Aug. 28) at Wicker Park in Highland. They are offerring $1 a minute chair massages and also selling baked goods. Hope you can make it!!

  25. Meghan C. says:

    My 10 year old coffee maker is on it’s last legs and would love to be upgraded. My 4:30 wake ups for 12 hour shifts are powered by coffee…and I love DD!!

  26. Barbra Toth says:

    I definatly need this! Between my full time job, school, soccer practice, church etc…. I need a caffeine fix asap!!

  27. I would like to nominate my Mummy! She just turned 50 this year! She doesn’t look a day past 25 though 😉 She is the most loving and hardworking woman I know. She puts in her 40 hours a week at work, and then comes home and does so much for our family. I try to help her out, but she is always on top of all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. I don’t know how she does it! She is seriously like Superwoman. We both really, really want a Keurig! Our coffee machine actually broke a couple of weeks ago, and we are using the small one we bring with us on vacation. LOL! I would love to be able to give her one, but I’m kind of a broke college student so I can’t afford to buy her one myself. She definetely could always use a pick me up, because in February her sister died from leukemia. My mom was her donor for a bone marrow transplant that happened on Christmas Eve. My mom has some really bad days where she cries alot. Sometimes she is really hard on herself, and thinks that her bone marrow wasn’t good enough so it was her fault. I always am there to reassure her that its not her fault and its going to be okay, and a nice cup of coffee from starbucks or DD seems to brighten up her day. 🙂 I really hope she can win this! She is seriously the best mom ever. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I love you momma! 🙂

  28. Lynn Fisher says:

    I would love to nominate myself.

  29. jackie sayre says:

    I would love this! I am the only person in my house who drinks coffee so I have my mother’s 20 year old coffee pot which is breaking and held together with tape at this point.

  30. I would like to nominate my sister. Not because she’s a great mom (although she IS), not because she’s such a hard worker (although she IS) and not because she does so much for different causes/charities (although she DOES). No, I want to nominate her because I don’t know any other person who loves Dunkin Donuts coffee as much as her. We always joke that if she ever needed an IV, it better darn well be DD coffee in the fluids bag.

  31. Cynthia Rhoades says:

    I would like to nominate my mom. She watches my daughter all of the time while I work and even puts in extra time for me to catch up when I return home.

  32. amanda l h says:

    I would nominate my best friend. She has three boys and manages to stay sane! She’s a great inspiration to all moms.

  33. Jessica Lubeck says:

    I too am a Dunkin Donuts lover! Definitely adds a plus to my day with their coffee! Something I just mentioned was the aroma of it in my car while I am having it on the go! I like to even make an iced coffee in the summer!! Pumpkin is one of my favorites, but best of all I enjoy the Blueberry flavored one! The smell an taste are amazing!! Goes great with their muffins too!!
    Just bought a home, mother of 2, and I start my job at 6 am! Would live to have one of these to tart my day and fill my car, body, and mind with their amazing coffee!!!!

  34. I already have a Keurig and we love it so much! We don’t even drink coffee but I have tea every morning and I love how it can also make iced tea and hot chocolate, and we can keep some coffee around for guests. We even bought one for my best friend last year, when they opened their home up to us and let us stay there while we were building a house. I would nominate my brother and sister-in-law to win this one! They are two amazing people, with a baby that will turn one this December, and another baby due near their first baby’s birthday. Two girls, only 12 months apart!!! They are going to need some coffee!!! 🙂 Please pick them to win! <3

  35. I would nominate myself of course. I deserve a Keurig because my hubby leaves for work before i get up and by the time I have my coffee it’s cold. And Megryansmom runs on Dunkin’ too!

  36. I would love to win this! I use my coffee maker every day and it’s just me. Plus, I love love love Dunkin coffee and I am so happy they are finally making K-Cups! I had no idea! Yum yum

  37. Shawna Slavich says:

    Two years ago I finally took the birthday money my mother in law sent me and put it towards my Keurig. Coffee just isn’t the same anymore unless it is a K cup. I had my favorite K cup but then I tried Dunkin Donuts a little over a week ago and wow!! standards are lifted. My mom loves to have coffee from my machine when she is visiting but would never buy herself one (too much of a luxury she says) but I feel as though she deserves a luxury after raising one very stubborn daughter, and three very energetic boys. I would like to give her the machine so that even though we are two hours away we are some how sharing a cup of coffee in the morning together.

  38. Jodi Martin says:

    I would give this Keurig to my mom, who watches my 4 girls when I work part-time!! This would eliminate one extra step in the morning that would save us both a few minutes!!! We love our DD!!

  39. My mom “retired” this year and now works THREE jobs instead of one. I mean, retired? Not really. She really needs a pick me up. And she takes care of me and my daughter. With my illness I’m in the hospital about every 3-4 months. She lives in the hospital with me while I’m there, and cares for my daughter too?

    Yeah, she sure needs a pick me up. 100%!

  40. petritia selvi says:

    i wud like to nominate my mom cuz i like her to have a keurig as she is a coffee lover

  41. I would like to nominate my wife Tina, she works full-time and sells Scentsy on the side. She is a wonderful mother to our 5 children and the best wife. I don’t know how she manages to even find time for me but she always does. She is the best! Dunkin Donuts is her absolute favorite coffee and I would love to be able to win that for her give the best to the best.

  42. This is awesome! Would love to have both of these. DD’s coffee is the best!

  43. I would nominate My Sister In Law Kim because she has 4 kids 3 are in different schools and all of them are doing different after school activities so she is constinatly running around from one place to another. Lol and she said her secret is caffeine

  44. I nominate Natasha Rinaldo (see post #3)- with a new baby at home, caffeine is essential! Also- this poor girl has never tried Dunkin’s!!! That just should not be allowed!

  45. Tanya Serrao-Jones says:

    I would definitely have to nominate my mom. She is the most amazing woman ever. I remember when I was growing up she took in one of my friends for about 6 months while their family was struggling financially. On another occasion my best friends mom “dumped” her on our doorstep Christmas Eve. My mom took her in, and while we were sleeping my mom unwrapped all of my gifts and divided them evenly between the two of us. I’d have to say it was the BEST Christmas EVER! She took care of both of my grandparents while they were sick so they didn’t have to pass away in a hospital. And after my divorce she helped take care of myself and two small children. She is the most giving and selfless person I know!

  46. Jessica Smiser says:

    I would love to nominate myself as I jump up and down screaming PICK ME! PICK ME! I am a mother of three and my day consists of getting up at 6:30 a.m. getting the kids off to school, running a daycare out of my home and then working a pt job out of the home in the evenings. My days usually last 18 hours and I would love a Keurig and some DD coffee for that much needed pick me up! I also have three dogs that are miniature ponies that I take care of during the day also—its pretty much a circus in my house Mon-Friday 🙂

  47. I would nominate my friend Kristin. She is a single mom, currently unemployed, with a special needs child. So yes, she could use a moment of sunshine each day.

  48. Dawn Moore says:

    Please consider my husband and I for this giveaway… husband is a full time youth pastor at our church here in town. I am a stay at home mom with our four girls under the age of 7: as you can imagine it seems like there is never enough time in our day to make that fresh cup of coffee. We also host small groups in our home and this would be wondeful to let them self serve their own cup of coffee from Dunkin “best coffee ever!! Thank you for taking the time to read and see why our family would love a blessing like this.
    Dawn. 🙂

  49. Please consider choosing me for the Keurig K Cup Dunkin Donuts give-away. I am a full time Mom and Caregiver to my 11 year old son. He has severe disabilities due to a birth brain injury. He is my hero, it is my honor to be chosen by God to be his Special Mom! It is a lot of physical, emotional, and mental job for me. He depends in me for all of his needs, since he is as helpless as a 4 month old baby. Most mornings, it is hard to find the time to make a typical pot of coffee, with the filter & coffee grounds & water….it would be so wonderful if I was blessed with a Keurig and Dunkin Donuts K Cup, so I can simply & quickly get a cup of DD by eliminate a few steps in my mornings. Between changing, dressing, cooking, and feeding my special son, all I really want for myself, is a cup of coffee….and I know I could have that everyday with the Keurig Dunkin Donuts coffee combo. Thank you so much, for considering my situation, I hope that I am worthy of your selection

    • Jessica Smiser says:

      Kate—If I won I would give you it because you are truly an angel! God bless you and your family 🙂

      • Jessica~ Thank you! That is the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time! It was haed for me to put my story out there, especially for a coffee maker. But it is my life and my story….I wasn’t exploiting my situation….just telling was is. Thank you again for your kind offer and for your thoughtful words for my son and me. Someone who needed it more than you or me won the coffee maker….well deserved, I’m certain. Thanks again. You are an angel for touching a complete stranger with your kindness.

  50. I need this! I have a 5 month old at home and I work from home so I work, take care of her and take care of the house by myself all day! I definitely need some caffeine to keep me going all day!

  51. I would nominate my mom! She wants one of these for my dad and love dunkin donuts coffee 🙂

  52. Tammy Forrest says:

    I would like to nominate myself as I love Dunkin Donuts Coffee and it would help from having to buy it everyday. I don’t have a story other than I just love coffee and always wanted a Kuerig and cannot afford to buy one.


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