Wiener Crescent Roll Wreath

Whenever we have to bring appetizers somewhere I always make Wiener Crescent Rolls. Hubby is a meat and potatoes man and he loves these otherwise known as Crescent Dogs or Pigs in the Blanket. At this time of year I like doing something a little different and decided these would be fun as a wreath so enter the Wiener Crescent Roll Wreath. This is a kid-friendly appetizer as well!

How to Make the Wiener Crescent Roll Wreath

Wiener Crescent Roll Wreath


  • 8oz Can of crescent rolls.
  • Around 24 little wieners. I used half a bag to one tube.


  1. Grease a baking sheet to help the wreath slide off once done.
  2. Lay the crescent rolls with tips facing out in a circle. Make sure you overlap them a little.
  3. If they hang over the tray don't worry as you're rolling them.
  4. Place a wiener on each tip and roll it inwards to the middle of the circle.
  5. Bake as per the directions on the tube.
  6. Serve on a platter with a mustard dip.

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