Whys of freezing

A lot of my friends in similar situations (small children, one income) can’t believe that my grocery bill is only $50/week. Although I know it’s not possible for everyone to have a bill this low due to larger families/organics, I do know that most people can cut down on their bills and one great way is to freeze.

If you have a deep freezer, you are really in luck. It means that when meat goes on sale, you can stock up. I even have friends that share a cow just to save money.

Even if you don’t have a freezer, it’s possible to stock up a little by shopping the sales and only cooking what’s on sale that week.

Ever stood looking at the cupboards wondering what to cook that night only to end up with MacNCheese? Freezing helps eliminate that because you can pre-make meals and pop them in the freezer for later use. It also helps to save money on produce. That’s one area that we really won’t cut down on. Our weekly produce bill sometimes is $20!!! I love fresh fruit and veg and hate to compromise on that so sometimes I’ll freeze it. My son is teething right now and the fresh blueberries from the freezer are great for his teething.

Not only does it save time but money as you can buy on sale and then stock some away for later.

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