Why Meal Plan

It’s 5pm and your DH is home in half an hour. The kids are going crazy, the baby is crying and you have spent the day cleaning up toys. Just when you think things can’t get worse you realize – you have no dinner planned. Although you could convince DH to eat cereal or frozen pizza, is that what you want? Or you want the kids to eat?

With the way our lives are nowadays, we run around like headless chickens all day long and try and fit in eating healthy. If you want to eat healthy and live frugally there’s only one thing to it – you’re gonna have to start meal planning. The great thing is that this week I’ve got some fab ideas on how to do that and also some great guests joining us.

Let these tips help you become a meal planning pro whether you are just starting with meal planning for the first time or have taken a break and need a couple of reminders. - Mummy Deals

Why Meal Plan

Sarah, Alisha and Katie are 3 Mommies looking for ways to improve meal times who came up with this awesome blog – http://mealplanningmommies.blogspot.com Join us as we learn Meal Planning 411 from some experts.

So what is meal planning?

Meal planning is:

– Creating a flexible, livable schedule of family meals.
– Meant to take the stress out of dinner time and put the fun back in cooking family meals.
– Going to help you plan a variety of healthier, cost-efficient meals based on your family’s needs.
– Going to save you MONEY and TIME. (Clair – I personally guarantee this one!)
– Individual to your family

Meal planning does not have to be:

– A rigid calendar of meals.
– Meals that don’t suit your family’s tastes/lifestyle.
– Costly.
– Time consuming.
– Stressful.

Please feel free to ask questions of Me or the Mommies. Tomorrow I’ll be back with some keys!

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  1. I”ve been meal planning for my family for the past 8 years now. I can honestly say I love it and don’t go a week without out. I usually do mine for 2 weeks at a time, but up the main things and replenish milk, bread, cereal, etc as needed. It saves us money and helps us budget. I recommend it to anyone!

  2. A good website for meal planning is http://www.kraftfoods.com. You can enter what type of food you want to make (i.e., casserole, appetizer, beef, poultry, ad nauseum), or an ingredient that you have, and it will pull up all sorts of recipes you can make. Easy ones, too.

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