Why I’m Flipped Over My Flip

Those of you who know me know I’m flipped over my Flip. In fact so much so that I use it as a verb. I’m constantly talking about how I flipped something and enjoy flipping Isaac. I’ve never really thought of how weird that sounded until one night my dear friend Tina announced she was gonna flip her son during his trumpet performance. Once she’d said it I giggled and exclaimed, “what in the world?!” and then thought of how I’d taught her the verb and really it did sound strange!!!!

Right now the Flip Cameras seem to be crazy cheap over at Amazon and so I thought it was worth a mentioned! The above adorable magenta one is under $70 shipped and they’ve got tons of others too. I personally think for little kids that 1 hour or less is fine of filming but if ya want more they’ve got those on sale too.

Anyhoo, can I just tell you I love my Flip? I bought one on Amazon a while back as it was going for a song and since then I carry it around everywhere and take videos of Isaac. Sure I have a digital camera and could just use that but these videos are longer. I recently got an Flip ultra Camcorder and I love it. 120 minutes of recording time, super easy to use and so small it can go in your pocket and then you can just take it out whenever you need it. Not like a bulky camera at all. The best thing? There’s a USB thing that “flips” out (hence the name!) and plugs straight into your computer. From there you can quickly download videos to Youtube and send them to your parents in England, (or Wisconsin!)

Yup, I’ve flipped over the Flip right now it’s been reduced ! If you’ve got any room in the budget, I’d highly recommend it.

This is an unbiased review. Nobody asked me to write it or paid me for it. The link to it on Amazon is an affiliate link but I figured it’s an awesome product that I love and on sale it’s worth a post!

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