Why I Love Restaurant Crayons

Am I cheap or just plain frugal? Ok don’t answer that but I’ve quickly learned that when it comes to getting crayons at restaurants I just do it as they’re FREE!  Even when Isaac was only 3 months old! Most places will give you a little pack and a cool coloring sheet. I’ve learned that crayons are a valued commodity and now carry them around with me everywhere just in case. Of course Chase is at the age where he still insists that they’re better to eat than color with but we’re learning.

The ones he’s bitten used to just get dumped into the garbage and then fill landfills……that was until I learned that crayons are great to melt down and make into brand-new crayons. They’re awfully ute and we’re stuffing our Operation Christmas Child boxes with them so my friend Mary created a tutorial: Melting Crayons.

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