Why I Love My $12 Jeans and Where You Too Can Get Some

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There’s 3 things I hate shopping for and I’m sure I’m not alone:

  1. Jeans
  2. Bathing suits
  3. Undies

The latter two are just painful items to shop for especially as I contemplate fitting into a bathing suit. Pregnant. Yikes! But, I dislike shopping for jeans because they never seem to fit me. I discovered a while ago that I must still have an English body (is there such a thing?) because the jeans here don’t seem to feel as good as the ones I’ve bought back home and therefore I’ve joined a growing number of my girlfriends who spend copious amounts of money on jeans just to get a pair that fits just right. The ones that don’t make you look too big or end up right under your nose. The kind that aren’t all in fashion so they stay on when you bend over. Come on, you know what I mean!!!

Anyway, last week I was offered a pair of Bobbie Brooks jeans to try out from the Dollar General. Yes, I too sniggered at the thought of a pair of cheap jeans being able to do what a pair of $50 ones couldn’t. Oh how wrong I was!

Although no-one need ever tell Hubby this, sometimes I’m happy to be proven wrong! And I’m always happy to find something that’s as good as the expensive stuff but costs less. For as low as $12 a pair you could own a pair of women’s 5-pocket stretch jeans that are available only at Dollar General.

What I liked about them first of all was the color. You know those cheap jeans who’s color is a contrast between stonewashed and just plain yak? Or the kind like Michael has in The Office that are way too rigid? Well these are super cute (see above) and the sizing was great too (yes I accounted for my bulging belly when ordering!)

The second thing I liked was they didn’t gape and gather in the wrong places (read: my hips) yet neither did they ride up my belly or down my bottom. They were a fab fit.

I tried them on and wandered the house and Hubs was suitably impressed. Had it been less than 80 degrees around here I may have worn them out but ya know…!

The bobbie brooks at Dollar General jeans are definitely a win-win situation for me. My only complaint was that they were a little long but with a hem they’ll be fab.

So, do you think you could buy jeans from the Dollar General? Leave a comment and let me know!

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