Why I Always Have Homemade Meatballs On Hand

I was just thinking today that if I ran a grocery store I’d make a boat load of money using tactics I teach against using and this is one of my favorite tricks of the grocery trade:

Meatballs are expensive.

No, they don’t look expensive. The look easy and convenient. That bag you see in the store looks like a lot. But it isn’t. {Trust me, I’ve researched this.}

Next time you’re in the store pick up the bag and check out the weight. You won’t find it in pounds. It’ll say something like 32oz. Your mind thinks: wow that’s a lot! (Trust me I’ve done it too!) but 32oz is only 2#. 2# of meatballs cost around $6. That’s $3# for meat. My budget on meat is only $2 so that’s why I always make my own. It’s super easy and you can watch me doing it above or check out this post for the ingredients.

Today I made around 100 meatballs and used 4# meat, 3 cups of oats, 2 cups of old (stale) multi-grain tortilla chips, 1 cup of spinach and some lawrys and garlic salt.  I’m going to Flash Freeze them and put them in my freezer.

Next time I want to run to the Golden Arches for a quick meal I’ll just pull those out and make either Meatballs and Gravy, Meatball Subs or Spaghetti and Meatballs.


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