Why I Always Grab a Blinkie

If you’re new at couponing you may be reading this post wondering if my sleep deprived nights have finally got the better of me as you imagine me with a blanket in hand sitting on the couch watching Gilmore Girls. Ok, so maybe you didn’t go so far but for those of you who don’t know what a Blinkie is, it’s the machine that you see around stores that offers you coupons.

You may have walked past them, you may have grabbed the coupon and dumped it figuring it wasn’t on sale at that store. Or, you may have done what I do: Grab a couple. Here’s why:

Although the product may not be on sale at the store you’re in these are manufacturer’s coupons usually and can be used at any store. They also often have long expiration dates making them awesome to pick up and keep for a sale another time.

A couple of weeks ago Xtra Laundry Detergent was on sale at CVS for $1.49. Although there was a $1 off coupon online for it, a reader told me they had run out quickly. Sure, I like to make the stuff myself but we’d run out and I don’t have time between washing 50 loads a week full of spit up and poop. I wanted $.49 laundry detergent but wasn’t sure how until I got to the Dollar General and spotted some $1 off Xtra blinkies. Armed with a couple I went to my local CVS and got me some crazy cheap detergent.

Blinkies are a great way to get coupons so instead of ditching them, grab a couple!

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