Why Every House Should Own a Pair of Hair Clippers

Price to get a first hair cut at a salon: $20
Sure you may get a lock in a bag, a sucker and a photo but here’s how to do it for way cheaper: Have a family member do it. In this instance it was my mother in law who’s got a steady hand and has had a little experience with her 2 monkeys (Hubs and his bro!)
Not only did I save a ton but we still got the lock in the bag, lots of photos and he didn’t need a sucker!

Price to get a man’s haircut: Even at the cheaper places it’s around $15.
Years ago Mama Boone purchased some hair clippers and when my father in law’s haircut went up from $12 to $15 he decided enough was enough and now he lets her cut it!

I wouldn’t do women’s cuts this way but with guys it’s easier. $20 upfront for clippers. Savings per year? $180 per person. 3 males in family?? $540 in savings (that’s a vacation!!)

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