Why {and how} I Freeze Frappuccinos

Right now Starbucks has Frappuccinos for half price from 3-5pm through Sunday May 13.  As I’m a frugal girl who’s kids nap during that time, I had to do something: last year I froze them and they turned out great so this year I did the same.

I bought 6 different tall ones and stuck them in the freezer.  Now when I fancy one of those delicious Frappuccinos I just pull it out and let it thaw a little (Or microwave it – a girl has to do what a girl has to do!) and then blend it in the blender.  Sure the cream isn’t the same but the taste is! YUMMY!  #dontjudgethefrugalgirl


  1. As my closest Starbucks is 25 miles away this is worth a shot to me.

  2. I was sick during the 1/2 price sale, so I froze a couple. I am going to try to thaw tomorrow before work tomorrow.


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