When it Pays to Ask

The stinky ON flag tshirt debacle left a foul taste in some mouths and I’m genuinely sorry for that. Here’s what my Mother in Law did:

Old Navy advertised that on July 3, 2009, they were selling their flag t-shirts for $1, normally $5. Rumor had it that Old Navy was rescinding that offer. I called my local ON and they said they were honoring it. So, this morning I ran over there because I wanted to get my little munchkins one and a few adult ones for an event we were involved in. I had several in my arms and just checked with the clerk as she passed by that they were indeed $1. “No, that offer was rescinded. Let me check.” They rang up at $5. I mentioned that I had called the day before to find out if this store was selling them for $1 and the clerk told me they were (I know some stores weren’t which is why I phoned first) So, the clerk told the cashier to only give it to me because I was told they were on sale! So, again, it pays to ask!!!!!!

I gotta say, sometimes it works and sometimes not. Sorry for those of you who tried. I tried too and was told it was just to stock, our store didn’t have enough. I just feel bad when they try to sell them tomorrow for $1! They’d have had more takers yesterday!!!


  1. Ashley B. says:

    Clair, I hope that most know of stores price ajustment policies. Most of my friends that I talk to have never heard of such a thing. Most stores have a 14 day price adjustment policy. If you buy something and that item goes on sale, you have 14 days to bring your reciept back to the store and they will credit the difference to you. Some stores have this policy on the back of their reciepts, cash registers, or customer service. Be careful though, because I have ran into some stores that have an 8 day policy. If anyone bought their Old Navy flag t-shirts for $5 and tomorrow they are on sale for $1, all you have to do is bring your reciept back to the store and tell them you want a price adjustment. They will gladly scan your reciept and most stores (at least ON will) will scan your entire receipt for other possible items that may have gone on sale and you will get credited for the price difference on each item!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Price adjustments are for when regular stock items go on sale.
    Not for items being clearanced out!

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