When it Pays to Ask

The stinky ON flag tshirt debacle left a foul taste in some mouths and I’m genuinely sorry for that. Here’s what my Mother in Law did:

Old Navy advertised that on July 3, 2009, they were selling their flag t-shirts for $1, normally $5. Rumor had it that Old Navy was rescinding that offer. I called my local ON and they said they were honoring it. So, this morning I ran over there because I wanted to get my little munchkins one and a few adult ones for an event we were involved in. I had several in my arms and just checked with the clerk as she passed by that they were indeed $1. “No, that offer was rescinded. Let me check.” They rang up at $5. I mentioned that I had called the day before to find out if this store was selling them for $1 and the clerk told me they were (I know some stores weren’t which is why I phoned first) So, the clerk told the cashier to only give it to me because I was told they were on sale! So, again, it pays to ask!!!!!!

I gotta say, sometimes it works and sometimes not. Sorry for those of you who tried. I tried too and was told it was just to stock, our store didn’t have enough. I just feel bad when they try to sell them tomorrow for $1! They’d have had more takers yesterday!!!

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