When Is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a time that traditionally we celebrate the Moms in our lives. It’s got a sister/brother holiday in Father’s Day but for Mother’s Day it’s all about Mom.  It’s always celebrated on a Sunday giving it the name in England of Mothering Sunday.

The question of when Mother’s Day is has always been a tough one around here as I have a problem: Although there is only one Father’s Day celebrated in the UK and USA, there are always two Mother’s Day and as I have both an English Mum and an American Mother-in-Law, keeping it straight is tricky. I’ll never forget the call I received in Thailand late one night: I’d forgotten English Mother’s Day and my Mum was calling to remind me. I was an adult andIi still cried because I feel it’s so important to honor the Moms around us. Of course, my Mum didn’t care and now loves the fact that she not only gets a gift from me on UK Mother’s Day but Tim sends her something on US Mother’s Day!

Anyhoo, to keep me on track and help me remember I thought it’d be helpful to list the next few years in case you’re also asking: When Is Mother’s Day?

UK                       USA
2012     March 18         May 13
2013     March 10         May 12
2014    March 30         May 11
2015    March 15         May 10
2016    March 6           May 8

For Mother’s Day gift ideas see:


What are your ideas for gifts?


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