What Women Want Event and Needing Your Help

Next week I’m heading to a very cool conference in Chi-town called Blogher that’s for blogging ladies (and a few gents apparently!) to meet, greet, tweet and hopefully make some new friends and connections. While there I’ve been asked to participate in this really cool event and need your help.

It’s called the What Women Want event and is sponsored by Ford. They’re taking a group of bloggers to tour the Ford plant and we even get to have breakfast with Scott Monty the Global Digital and Multimedia Communications Manager. We’ve been called upon to help Ford in a roundtable discussion that will help shape the way Ford designs cars. I’m going to be blogging all of this for ya’ll to enjoy but before I do I wanted to start talking about what you want in a car.

One of the features that I heard about and loved was this:
MyKey is a new Ford safety technology – launching this summer as standard equipment on the 2010 Focus, Taurus and other popular models – that allows owners to program a key that can limit the vehicle’s top speed and audio volume to encourage teens to drive safer.

Doesn’t that sound very cool? Although I’m not a Mum of teenagers yet, as a Mum I really can see the importance of MyKey and how safe it is.

So, what about you? “What do Women Want in a Car? (She says as she sees Mel Gibson in her mind!) Please leave comments and let me know, Ford really wants to hear your voice!

For those of you that love techie things you can check out Ford’s fan page on Facebook here.


  1. Esther Hawkins says:

    Can they make one that never breaks down?

    Seriously, I'm just looking for simple, eco-friendly, economical, small, safe, kid friendly, nothing too fancy, just practical.

  2. VIA FACEBOOK: Hey Clair,
    I like the smartkey idea. When we buy a vehicle, I look for reliability and convenience features. I like remote-controlled doors, lots of storage space and cup holders, latch system for all seats (other than in the front), and child safety features such as safety locks. I hope this helps.

  3. VIA EMAIL: Just a quick note about this Ford thing, I have a 16 year old driver, we do have a Ford and I would welcome anything to encourage safe driving!!! I have a soon to be 14 year old also – something takes ahold of our teenagers sometimes. I have a great driver and a great girl, but whew this driving thing can be alot of stress! I am anxious to hear about these ideas!! Thanks for sharing – Kim

  4. Scott Monty says:

    While we can't make one that never breaks down, Esther, we can say that we're making them so that they're equal to Toyotas in terms of initial quality.

    If you want simple, eco-friendly, economical, small, safe, kid friendly, etc. – you would do well to look at the Ford Focus. It's got all of those, with about 35 mpg and a nice price tag.

    Clair – looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.

    Scott Monty
    Global Digital Communications
    Ford Motor Company

  5. Danielle says:

    I know this may sound a bit crazy, but I would like to see cars that have a built in cooler in the trunk or even a freezer. Planning trips to the grocery stores to save money sometimes you have to go to one far away from your home to get meat and other food that needs refrigeration. I always bring my cooler, but that only can last so long. If this is possible it would be really nice to see. Thanks,

  6. I totally agree with Danielle! I would LOVE to see a cooler in their cars/SUVs. Also, SUV's with high fuel mileage. I only get 10 mpg in our Excursion. We need a large vehicle for our family as we do a lot of traveling.
    Also, I do LOVE the keyless entry, as I am one who is constantly locking myself out of my vehichle.

  7. Christi says:

    The built in cooler is a great idea! I was planning to make a few trips the other day and brought a cooler along with me to keep my stuff cool…but what a great idea!

    I wish cars came with separate sound systems for front in back…I'm endlessly listening to kids music and the only way around it would be putting headphones on which I don't think is safe. I would love to be able to listen to what I want without fighting with them about what they want! (maybe I just need a taxi divider so I can totally isolate myself LOL)!

  8. Anonymous says:

    How about a built in mini vacuum where all you have to do is flip a switch to pick up the little crumbs or dirt in the car/van. then you dont have to haul out the big and inconvient vacuum from the house.

    Brittany Jansma

  9. Anonymous says:

    I would like a vehicle that has a storage area for the big stroller (ya know the one that can carry the carseat too) under a seat or something. Right now, when I put the stroller in the trunk, that's about the only thing I can put in the trunk.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I would love cup holders in the captain chairs in the second row of a minivan. Built in booster seats would be great to so we don't have to go through so many carseats in a child life. A step up for minivans would be great to so that my children can help themselves in and out of a van. I hope this helps.

  11. I have 3 kids, so I need a lot of room. I'd love a SUV with sliding rear doors. The SUVs out there now don't make it easy to get into the back, unless you fold down the second row seat first. My kids are all in a car seat still, so that doesn't work well for me. And I love the cooler idea too!

  12. Gabrielle Schroader says:

    I had a Ford Focus and I loved it. I would like the console area to have a little more room to hold misc. items, and make it easy to clean. When I go to clean any car, I can never seem to get all the gunk that gets in the little cracks and crevices. And is it possible to have sliding doors on minivans??? I love the sliding rear doors on my minivan, and often wish the front doors could slide (in the opposite direction), so I don't worry about hitting the car next to me.


  13. Hi Clair-
    Thanks for asking for our input. I love my FORD Expedition. I have the third seat with 6 kids going to school in carpool we need the room. I do wish it had more space behind the third seat for merchandise and groceries….. just add on about a foot and that would be great! Also, I would like a net or something across the back so when you open the hatch things don't fall out (like a jar of salsa… πŸ™ Oops!)

    Of course we all like reliability, eco-friendly, safe vehicles too….


  14. LAURA VIA FB: Just a few things this woman would love in a a car. A truly affordable hybrid car. Lots of trunk space. Lots of legroom, and air conditioning in a car that hits the back of the car easily so the kids can stay cool as well. Also a/c vents in the front that have more mobility in moving away or towards you as needed. Of course I want comfort and high mileage too. An extra mirror to check on the kids in the backseat might be helpful as well. And what would be great is a car that lasts to at least 200,000 without engine or transmission problems.

  15. ANGELA VIA FB: Clair…what I want in a car is COOLness! seriosly I drive a beetle but am going to have to give it up as the kiddies legs grow and I am soo lacking for a 'cool' mummy car. Even DD (darling daughter commented on the number of mini vans in our neighborhood and when I asked if she wanted one she answered 'not really' but neither of us know waht we do want other than NOT a mini van and we want it to eeeekkkkk 'coolness! πŸ™‚

    eg Funky shape and funky features and I'd even give up 'space' to get it πŸ˜‰

  16. LORI VIA FB: Hi Clair!
    Most of the features I would like in my next car involve the backseat area. I would like to see more storage in the back (and for it to be easliy accessible to a child). I would also like to see the back seat area have separate vents that could be controlled only from the front. Last, I would love to see a smaller car have enough room for a infant car seat.

    Have a great conference! Thanks for asking for our suggestions.
    Tori Stavola

  17. I had a Ford Focus. It had an amazingly huge trunk. LOVED it.. but with three kids to haul, it moved on to another family (aka we traded it in).
    I think Ford would be served by doing a try your stuff in our vehicle program. I would love to try the three car seats and double stroller and see if it fits. I think people (read: women) bypass the focus because they simply put it in the case of "it's not a mini-van or suv and it will never fit my stuff, so it's not an option".

  18. I think Ford could make a HUGE go at a "Grow with Us" campaign. as your family grows, trade in your Ford Focus for an Edge, or other SUV to accommodate a growing family with an easy, straight forward trade-in program.

  19. I am ALL for having a keyless entry pad on the Focus. I have locked my keys in my car a few times, and once my son… fast forward 20 minutes son out, without trying to break a window with police and locksmith.

  20. A/C and heat vents in the back of vehicle (focus, fusion). Sick of freezing or burning up in the front seat trying to cool or heat back seat.

  21. Latch system in all three back seats.

  22. I think my bottom line is cars need to go through some serious field testing by REAL parents, not design engineers that THINK something might work.

  23. multiple pull in sites in front, back and middle of car for games, dvd players.
    Also a converter option to pull in a laptop/outlet. I know a TON of people are buying them now (converts lighter pull-in to three hole outlet).

  24. simple things go a long way also: when car is being serviced: before it comes back to me: top of fluids, wash it and vac it out. Sounds little but is a BIG deal to this mom!

  25. Okay thought of one more. On our focus we had to buy one of those sun blocker screens. I unrolled and rolled up the window and broke the window motor ($250!!! later) I learned not to unroll and roll up window with it… but if it would have a window "kid sun" coating I would have avoided the whole mess.

  26. Justine says:

    I don't quite have kids yet, nor have I ever driven a Ford, but I definitely love the idea of a built-in cooler/fridge for those lengthy grocery days! I also want my next car to be a hybrid of some sort – at a price I can afford, and without skimping too much on space.

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