What was Isaac Eating?????

Remember the picture I put up of Isaac eating something green in England? I’ve had various thoughts from guacamole to beans but congrats to Angela and Holly who guessed correct: Mushy peas! We have them on our fish and chips and I love them! They’ve got the same ingredients as pea soup but a little more salt and thicker and they’re yum-o. While I’m being very English, I just have to say, “Li-ver-pool, Li-ver-pool! Come on Reds!” Thought one of my newest readers, an American who married a Brit, may appreciate it!


  1. Kristi_runwatch says:

    I fear I am far too American to appreciate mushy peas… I like my peas crunchy, raw is preferred, and anything resembling mushiness is unacceptable. 🙂

  2. LIVERPOOL!!!!! 🙂

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