What To Do With Expired Coupons: Help Our Military

If you’re anything like me when coupons expire you hate to throw them away after clipping them but with so many stores not taking expireds anymore, what can you do? A while ago I blogged about sending them to military bases who can still use them up to 6 months after. I love the thought of helping out our military who do so much for us so sacrificially so I wanna support this place and let you know how to do it.

  • There is no donation minimum so grab a stack and clip away.
  • They ask that you clip them as they only have volunteers who are already super busy. It’ll also save you postage.
  • Separate them into food and non-food.
  • Do not send Assistance Vouchers, Food Stamps, or any other assistance items. Store coupons, those only good at the store named are useless on a military base overseas. Do not send restaurant coupons.
  • Use envelopes or baggies to separate them, not paper clips or rubber bands.
  • Label them.
  • Add up the totals per bundle.
  • Send them to a participating base here.

If you don’t want all the work, why not grab some friends, or your Mom’s group and adopt a base together. For more info check this out.

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