What Every Party Needs

  • Create some cards here to send out for your parties.
  • Take this coupon to your local store and grab some free Aquafresh.
  • Free Spring recipes and coupons from Betty Crocker here. This link better work this time! LOL!
  • Free Cream of Wheat sample here
  • Free Omega-3 sample here


  1. CTgirlinKS says:

    A note for your readers:
    1)You have to patient for the Aquafresh coupon to print. I waited well over a minute for the coupon to print. But it does print!
    2)Hit the ‘Back’ button to get two coupons. (It takes slightly less time to print the second time.)

    Thank you for some great goodie information! Will be sure to send my readers to visit you. : )

  2. Clair – have you actually tried the Easy Bakeware yourself? I've heard that it's a scam. You sign up for free bakeware & they charge your credit card every month for a membership fee. If you cancel within the required time to avoid the monthly charge, they don't send the free stuff.

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