"Welcome to the Weekend" Ways to Make Money!

Reward Port is where you can earn rewards for shopping (yeehah), reading emails or even playing games. Here’s some features:

* Rewards tracked via a point system.
* Rewards for shopping at approximately 400 stores!
* Rewards for surveys.
* Rewards for reading email (avg. 4 or 5)
* Rewards for offers you complete.
* Rewards for playing games on RP.
* Coupon codes for your shopping pleasure.
If you’ve got a little extra time today, I highly recommend signing up HERE and checking it out. Anyone else love it?

SwagBucks is an online search engine that keeps sending me gift cards for Amazon, Target and Starbucks. Today is my fave day online as it means that the more I search online (I search a lot!) the more likely I am to make SwagBucks.
Today is Friday which means Mega Swagbucks Day – this may net you tons of SBs as apposed to the usual 10, yipppeee! Sign up at SwagBucks here and get 30 swags to start and then start searching!

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