Wednesday Crazy Deals

1) There is a new code out for a FREE 1 Night rental from Redbox at Meijer stores. The code is valid for one use per credit card through 6/15/11. This time it includes the ability to take $1 off for Blu Ray. Use code MEJER64 for your free rental. Code is valid once per credit card. Thanks Sarah’s Deals!.

2) CVS is having a pretty hot offer on Wednesday! Just go into the store and swipe your CVS card at the price checking kiosk to get a coupon for a Pepsi fridge pack for only $.99! This is limited to 1 per coupon and is Wednesday, 6/15 only. Thanks Save at Home Mommy!.

3) Free sunscreen sample from Avon

4) There are currently 7 codes good at Blockbuster Express for a FREE movie. Perfect for 93 degree heat 😉 These codes are usable with different credit cards. All good through 6/17/11.

  1. 64JBHS9
  2. 33BACC6
  3. 65RRAP1
  4. 44ASJA5
  5. 63AEMR3
  6. 76MLBJ3
  7. 28CMEA7

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