We Took The Kids To Sandusky, Ohio

Last weekend we packed the kids up and headed to Cedar Point.  We went last year for the first time but I was pregnant and couldn’t ride any rides and Isaac was just 2.  Even with those two things we had a fabulous time there and were looking forward to heading back.  Packing for 2 small kids is no small task and sometimes I wonder if going away for a weekend is harder than a week as you need the same amount of stuff.  🙂

We stayed at the amazing Castaway Bay hotel which is a couple of minutes drive from the park.  If you go Lake Erie Islands & Shores has some great lodging packages to check out.  When you bundle your hotel and park pass like that you always save money!  Castaway Bay has an indoor waterpark too which was just perfect for our little Munchkins but would be great for older kids too.  Make sure you sign up for their Birthday Club for kids age 12 and under when you go and receive a FREE waterpark pass to use on their birthday.

Saturday we caught the on a quick 45 minute trip to Put-In Bay on the  Jet Express.  I’m from an island and love traveling by boats and visiting islands.  Isaac thought it was a little noisy!

I would recommend going during the week with kids as the weekend there’s lots of parties and fun for adults.  We grabbed an Island Fun Pack full of coupons and savings and took the train tour around the island.  They’ve got an antique car museum, mini golf and even a winery.  We headed to Perry’s Cave.  Yes, I’m wearing Chase in a Snugli down into the cave.  Yes, those are flipflops!  Clearly I didn’t think this through 😉  That was some cool exploring for Isaac.  Then back on the boat to the Castaway Bay waterpark for the night and to relax for the big event.

This year I rode the rides (instead of tweeting and Facebooking like last year!)

And he didn’t freak out with Snoopy.  Good thing because he’d talked about him none stop since we left home and was in awe at the hotel that Snoopy did bedtime stories and crafts.

Meanwhile my (incredibly mellow and chilled out son) Chase just sat and watched….and watched….while Isaac and I…

…rode the rides.  The faster the better.  We rode the Jr. Gemini and me thinks next year he’ll be ready for the real one!

Although it was cold we spent a few hours at Soak City Waterpark and I got to relax on the Lazy River sans kids (bonus!)

We made a final couple of stops on our way home – one to the Merry-Go-Round Museum and then finally to see some animals.

“Um, yeah that animal’s pretty close Honey!”  I ‘took care of Isaac’ and didn’t open my window while Hubs bravely fed whatever walked up at the African Safari Wildlife Park.

We LOVED LOVED this part of the trip and this place comes HIGHLY recommended as they had a bunch of cool animals roaming around.

I love zebras and thought I’d end with this!

If you want to check out Sandusky, OH or Cedar Point or any of the attractions, check out the Shore Savings packages offered from lake Erie Islands & Shores.  Thanks for the fun guys!

I blog with integrity: While my family and I were guests of Cedar Point and the other attractions, this review and the opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I didn’t know there was so much to do with little ones down there! (I’m from MI.) What a neat trip! Definitely something I’ll be looking into doing for a family vacation 🙂

  2. OMG – LOVE the pic of the kiddo’s in the luggage, packed up to go! To bad it is not THAT easy to get them packed and ready to go!

  3. What a FUN picture of your boys in the suitcase. Too cute!

    We went to Sandusky in our pre-kid days in 2006. We’ve been wanting to go back, but didn’t think it would be too fun with little ones. I think you’ve made a pretty good case for taking kids to Sandusky…we might have to do that next summer! 🙂

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