Ways to Save on Glasses/Lenses

Recently I bit the bullet. Not only did I need new lenses but my glasses were 6 years old and needed a new prescription. The only downside is that while you can get a cheap prescription just for glasses, the lens one is gonna run you close to $100. I called around and here’s what I found out:

**Wal-Mart had the best deal on a checkup so I went there and got both a glasses and contact lens precription for just $80.

**I then brought that home and ordered the glasses from Zenni Optical. I’d heard about them and thought it was worth a shot. I’d heard the shipping was slow but mine came in 2 weeks and they’re fine and only cost me around $14 all in!!! Go here to order yours.

**Finally, the lenses. I priced those up alongside other department stores and found that 1800 contact couldn’t be beaten so I ordered them here.

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