Watermelon Carving: Basket

Around here you can find watermelons for as low as $2.98 during the summer which makes them a perfect summer dessert. I’ve found that if I carve it and serve it in small pieces we eat way more of it than if I just carve up a little at a time and as it’s good for you I often carve the whole thing.

Years ago I watched a colleague create a masterpiece out of carving watermelon and it was so quick that from then on it became my “party trick” too and now it can be yours. Complete with carving pictures here’s how to make fruit salad out of a watermelon. It takes about 15 minutes.

1) First lay it flat on a surface and make a handle in the middle by cutting down the watermelon to the middle on either side of a 1″ area.

2) Then cut off the sides and place on a tray for later.

3) Next cut into the main part of the watermelon and hollow out the inside. I cut around it and then use a big spoon to spoon some out.  You could also use a melon baller.  Put the pieces on one side.

4) Cut under the “handle” and pull that out.  You should be able to do it in two big chunks.

5) Scoop out the rest of the watermelon leaving any juices in. The juice will help it not dry out so leave it in.

6) Then cut up all the pieces you’ve just cut out into small bite-sized portions and place back in the “basket”. Add other fruits to make it into a fruit salad.

Serve cold!

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