Want Fun Activites at 50% Off? Tell JuiceBox Jungle!

If you or any of you live anywhere near New York City or the San Francisco Bay Area, this is your lucky week!

JuiceBox Jungle is testing to see if moms like fun activities (think massage, mani/pedi, photo sessions, dinners out, etc.) at or above 50% off. We know what you’re thinking…”Um, duh? Who wouldn’t like that?” So hopefully if they get enough good response they’ll extend it to the rest of the US.  For now here are the deals and each day stop back to check out the daily deal:

$175 for $400 photoshoot and disc from All Phase Photography
This deal is available on Wednesday, January 20

$50 for $105 French Lavender Manicure AND Pedicure at Great Jones Spa
This deal is available on Thursday, January 21

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