Want Free Stuff?

A few of my readers have told me that the times they get really excited about free stuff is when they see me post pictures of all my freebies! Well, I thought it was high time for another picture. Here’s me with a bunch of recent freebies including these. The ones that are still available are highlighted for you to click on:
  • Burt’s Bee coupon
  • KFC coupons
  • DeGiornio flatbread melt coupons
  • Sure MIR
  • Pert Plus MIR
  • Walgreens freebies
  • CVS freebies
  • BZZ Agent lipstick
  • Chocolate coupons
Yup, this being frugal thing is really fun! If you’re not convinced yet, I hope this piccie will help!


  1. The Garden of Grace says:

    Hey Clair – I just caught your article in the shopper! I am so glad that you are writing for them now…I actually look for mine and read it right way, so I can see what recommendations you have for us out here trying to save money. Today's column (July 16, 2009) I TOTALLY agree with. Thanks to you and your blog, I have been receiving FREE STUFF now for about 1 month and am totally loving saving my family money more than ever!
    For all the sceptics out there — believe you really can get free stuff! Just follow Clair's instructions and watch it flow in your mailbox!
    Thanks Clair! Keep up the hard work!
    From your friend in NW Indiana,
    Karina (http://karinastruven.blogspot.com)

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