WalMart Price Matching Policies

I just got this email from a reader and will let her explain the whole concept as i’ve heard of it but never done it. Thanks, Liz!

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with ” The WalMart Price Matching Game 🙂 ” but thought I would include this also for you to look over and see if you think it would help any of your readers.

Yesterday, I called corporate headquarters and asked them about their policies on price matching. The girl I talked to wasn’t sure, but said she would email me a copy. I never received it, but I did get a call from the operations manager at my WalMart. He said that we are allowed to print off the fliers online as long as it is not internet pricing and bring them in as long as they have the date on them.

He also said that if his store sells oranges by the piece or carrots by the bag and the flier is for by the pound or loose, that it isn’t a problem to adjust those things. I’m relieved. I never want to walk out of there feeling like I did something wrong. He said that that is WalMart’s price matching purpose. They want us to get the best price possible and buy it at WalMart. Yaaaaaaa. I see lots and lots of discount meats and produce in my future!

What it would have cost at WalMart for all my produce = $25.54
The cost by price matching = $6.33
(Check out the attached picture.)

Bananas 3 lb for $1.17
Peaches 3 lb .91
Red Apples 3 lb .89
Oranges 7 lb .84
Carrots 4 lb $ l.00
Cucumbers 4 .52
Potatoes 10 lb $1.00
32 lb $6.33

Do you know of any other stores that offer the same?

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