Walmart Every Little Step Savings Event 2013

Walmart Every Little Step Savings Event 2013


If you’ve got a baby then you should check out the Walmart Every Little Step event that’s going on right now in Walmart stores across America. Walmart’s prices on baby items are already crazy low but during the twice a year event you can save even more money! There are lots of hot deals and value bundles and rollbacks on top-rated baby items in stores through September 13 and online at through September 20.

Walking Every Little Step With You.

The great thing about Walmart is that it advances as our family does. This week I had an opportunity to check out their newest baby offerings and love that they’re constantly thinking about what makes a Mum’s life easier….and at the right price! When my boys were babies I loved not only the convenience of one stop baby shopping there but mostly the pries. Unrivaled on everything from snacks to diapers I stocked up there regularly.

Walmart Every Little Step Savings Event 2013

Remember the days of trying to place your baby in the bed with the sides up without dropping them? It’s a HUGE pain and so Fisher Price got smart and developed Just the Right Height beds that you can adjust to yup….just the right height! How genius is that? Like me I’m sure you’re assuming it comes with a huge price tag right? Wrong! This beautiful cherry one is just $146, comes with free ship to store AND is a convertible bed!! Isn’t that a great price on a crib? Plus they’ve got lots of cribs right now that include a mattress! Mattresses are generally around $60 so getting them bundled is a sweet deal. All Fisher-Price cribs are JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certified.

Baby Blow Outs Be Gone!

I’ll never forget one of my first lunches out with Isaac. He was around 6 months old and there’s something about those early diapers that makes for one huge mess and I was a new Mum. Not daunted I arranged to meet a friend at my favorite deli, Cozi. She had her son with two and the two of them gargled at each other throughout our meal. All was going great and we talked about heading to the mall after so I decided to pop to the bathroom. And then I saw him…

Ya know that look of “check me out filling my diaper!”

Yup that look. But this one wasn’t just a look it was a sound too. If you’ve ever heard it ya know. The baby blowout sound where you can hear all the goodness you’ve been feeding them come out and you know it’s going everywhere and there’s nothing you can do. Sure he was wearing a diaper but I had a feeling nothing could keep this in. Once he was done and my friend was done laughing, I picked him out of his high chair and made a bee line for the bathroom. His shorts were covered in yellow mush but I had my diaper bag and a new diaper and….

Wait!!!!!!!!!!!! No new change of clothes!

Hunting around like crazy in my car I came up with a bright yellow set of pajamas that barely fit him and were fleece in the middle of July.

We looked like a real pair walking around the mall that day and I learned that you can never carry too many changes of clothes!


According to Pampers 30% of babies have a diaper leak once a week which is why they’re constantly perfecting their diapers to make sure you’re not one of them. Made in 4 different types, Pampers offers your baby baby blow out protection!

Swaddlers originally started as newborn diapers and are the number one choice of hospitals. They are still the softest diapers. They have a wetness indicator, and that will be available all the way through size 5. They also have a mesh liner that helps keep wetness away from the skin.

Cruisers are more of a fit benefit and they are Pampers overall best protection from a dryness benefit standpoint. Cruisers is really for that baby who is on the go, and the fit becomes so important to make sure that the things in the diaper stay in the diaper.

Baby Dry offers the base 12 hours of protection that any Pampers diaper offers and is their value offering. They still offer 12 hours of dryness without all of the bells and whistles.

Swaddlers Sensitive is the sensitive skin offering for diapers. They have a little more lotion for the skin. If you find that your baby’s skin may need a softer diaper, Swaddlers Sensitive is the way to go.

Swaddlers in Size 5

Good news for those of you who loved the Swaddlers when your babies were newborns! Starting next week you’ll be able to grab Swaddlers in all sizes up to a size 5 PLUS they come with the wetness indicator like the newborn ones. We tried the Swaddlers with Chase and loved the softness of them when he was a baby and I think it’s cool that they’re now offering them in bigger sizes as your baby grows.

Every Little Step Twitter Party

To celebrate Walmart’s Every Little Step event I’ll be co-hosting a Twitter party where you can win lots of great prizes! We’ll also take this time to swap baby stories – from the frustrations of diaper leaks and fussy sleepers to the excitement of hearing baby’s first words and the other golden moments that bring us so much joy.

When: Thursday, September 12, at 1p ET / noon CT / 10a PT

Where: We’ll be on – follow the #EveryLittleStep hashtag to track the conversation. You can see the details and RSVP via this Twtvite:

For more helpful tips on diaper issues check out the Walmart site and also see it in Spanish.

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